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Over the pass months I've been having complications with T-Mobile and their billings! Being a customer of theirs for more than 10 years, just having heart surgery and a son that suffers from asthma they just turned off my phone from T-Mobile broken promises, now we have no source of contact in case of an EMERGENCY. I had so many issues with my phone, T-Mobile representative gave me a second phone at no charge but yet I'm billed for the phone and now without service because they say I owe for the phone plus for the bill and the late fees, really? After speaking with you guys on a monthly basis, you making the just before Christmas and in my condition you just leave us with no communication source? Told I would have to pay an enormous fee unless there would be no phone connection. Just having struggled through HURRICANE MATTHEW and just having HEART SURGERY why now T-mobile decides to come up with all these hidden fees and disconnects my services unless the high payment is PAID? After going thru 7 representatives this morning "December 2, 2016" through T-Mobile and spending hours on the phone, I get "Sorry ma'am, how much of this bill will you be able to pay?" You would have to pay $400.00 or else there would be no other option. Unfortunately T-Mobile after 10 years with you guys, I rather deal with a con artist on the streets than to pay a con artist "T-Mobile" which is suppose to be in business to accommodate their clients as long as the correct bill is paid. Check you employees and the broken promises that have been made each month I contacted you. Isn't every conversation recorded? Go back and double check what was told to me and abide by that before you leave us helpless without phone communication. "T-MOBILE YOU SUCK!!!"

Dec 02, 2016

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