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I have been a loyal customer of TJMaxx for many years, as are my children and some of my friends and coworkers. I went into the store in High Point, North Carolina this morning to do a
return. The cashier opened to make sure that the item was in good shape. I had never even
taken it out of the box. It was a 7X make-up mirror that I had intended to hand on my bathroom wall, my son told me it was too heavy and even with anchors it would pull out. So I decided to
return it. I have been ill and then when I went back to work I got extremely busy and forgot about
the retun. I came across it the other day. I didn't remember exactly when I had bought it and could not find the receipt. The cashier called the manager (JIM WASSONG) to the front of the
store...he told me in a very loud rude and condescending manner that this particulare item had
"been out of the store for about 6 months"...he added that it had been marked down and down,
I did not have a problem with the fact that I did not have my receipt so that they would have to give
me store credit for the last price, which was less than $3.00...I had paid $15.00 for it...
I decided to keep it and give it to one of my friends. THE PROBLEM WAS WITH THE
MANAGER, JIM WASSONG, and the way that he talked to me in such a rude and condescending
manner loudly where anyone in the store could hear. He treated me like a criminal who was
trying "to put one over" on TJMAXX. There was absolutely no excuse for the way that Mr.
Wassong treated me. I walked around in the store for about 15 minutes to calm myself down,
I am a senior citizen and my blood pressure "went through the roof while speaking with him"
Before I left the store, I went back to the same cashier and asked his name and told her what
I wanted, she called him to the front and I told him, in no uncertain terms how I felt about the
way he treated me, and he fact that there was no excuse for that kind of treatment to ANYONE>
I explained to him that I had worked in retail management for many years, and never in my
career had I ever spoken to anyone in that manner, because there is never any reason to
treat a customer that way. I also told him that I would not be back IN THAT STORE
to let my friends and coworkers know how I was treated by him.
His comment was, "I am sorry." This man doesn't have a clue how to handle
customers, and probably not employees either.

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  • Ma
      17th of Apr, 2012

    So after you lectured him on how you felt about his treatment of you what more did you want him to do besides say he was sorry?

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