Systems And Services Technologies [SST] / collection calls and poor customer service.

On March 31, 2016 at 2:02 pm, I received a call from the aforementioned company. It was an automatic dialer. When I answered the phone an automated message stated, "Please hold for an important call." It then hung up on me. Today ... Saturday, April 2, at 8:04 am, it happened again.

Infuriated with receiving a "prank" wakeup call, I called them back. I sat on hold until I finally spoke with a "Customer Service Representative". They are far ... FAR from that.

On The 30th I paid $50.00 on my account. $18.46 was due on April 1, 2016. So why call the very next morning? Apparently, as Katelyn so happily explained. It was a service call because they did not receive my payment by midnight. She did not explain why they called the day before my payment due date. However; she was happy to say that they were working well within their legal rights under the Ontario standards act. What a freaking BS line. Nobody wants a service wake up call because their bill payment is supposedly late. She said it was to preserve my credit ... again, a lie! Unless a payment is 30, 60 or 90 days late, it will not effect my or anyone's credit.

Every month I pay $50 on a bill that is less than $20.00, so, why call and harass a customer 2 days before and the morning the bill is due.

I think the truth about how SST treats customers should be posted all over the world. Any company that harasses people who are making payments on a regular basis, without issue, is not worthy of the title customer service agency.

To tell a customer that it is their fault because they should have made the payment 3 to 4 days prior to the due date is wrong. They do not have a proactive can do attitude, what they have a making blame and threatening a customer's credit attitude.

In my personal opinion, NO company should sign a contract with SST Financial. I blame Citibank for getting into bed with SST. Citibank treated their customers with respect and were kind, SST does not. They are a horrible company!

Apr 02, 2016

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