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overcharge - high interest rate

My providian card was sold to SST Card Services last March. Since then, every month they have been increasing...

holding payments

Our motorhome loan is with SST. It is awful they can never seem to have there facts straight. Three weeks ago iI am not late then 2day got a bill saying I am 2 month behind which is impossible. I think they try to get you tripped up in your payments to get more money out of you. They are for ever messing things up and a real aggervation. I am on the phone with them monthly with screw ups. Hate this company but they have now messed up our credit with their mess ups we dont know what to do. We owe to much just to pay off but looking at other possibilities. Crazy is all I can say I will never finance another thing with them. I will run out of the office if that is my choice. I do not need anything that bad!!! They are just like Green Tree. I will never do business again with these two. They are just alike. Hate Them!!!

Resolved fraud & cheating!

I had a providian card that was sold to SST w/o my knowledge and it was sent to collections. I was able to pay this debt off to providian (still not knowing that it was sold to SST). Now SST is after me for the same money. From what I have read everywhere they are scums of the earth. trying to keep it clean I think they are worse then that. I would love to have a class action suit against them. LET ME IN ON IT!!!

customer harassment

I had a credit card account with WAMU and it was sold to SST without my knowledge. In turn my payment was late to SST and I have been rudely harassed by telephone as well as my cell phone. They call every hour ( seriously) and talk to me as if I am some lazy bum who doesn't pay their bills. I have repeatedly told them that I had the payment scheduled to be electronically paid through my bank and that it is on it's way but they kept on insisting that I pay over the phone. They kept warning me that I will incrue late fees if they don't receive their payment by a certain date and that some banks don't get the payment sent on time. I also never had a problem with my bank ever getting a payment sent late. I told them I scheduled it to be sent the day before it was officially due. They still continued to hound me and speak to me rudely. The calls kept coming every hour to the point were I had to stop answering my phone. I had my husband call to stop the calls but they were just as rude to him and spoke to him as if he was trying to talk his way out of paying. I am not looking forward to the next bill because I know that even though I sent the payment on time I will still be billed a late fee. They have no website either. When you call they tell you to call back later after you spend the time putting all you information through on the phone. I am by no means a slacker, but have been dealt with as if I am by SST.

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    Baldscot Dec 10, 2019
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    Verified customer

    I have tried for 4 days to log on to my SST Visa Acvount and call teir 800 number is s joke. Unable to navigate the pro. Pts to get to an actual person! I have been a customer for 15+ years!

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