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in 2014 My husband ordered a 3 magazines through a co-worker's son's school fundraiser. After a few months we started to receive additional magazines. We called to see why we were receiving magazines we were told we had to contact the individual magazine publishers to cancel. When we tried to do this the magazine companies said we had to cancel through Synapse Group. We called back and cancelled all magazines in 2015. We started to receive unwanted magazines again several months (2017) ago but were in the process of moving so we didn't do anything about these magazines. We have now received magazines at our new address, they do not have the yellow forwarding address sticker on them, they are addressed directly to our new address. I called Synapse Group today and was told they show our account as cancelled and they say they do not have our new address on file. I cannot believe this. I am holding the latest editions of Coastal Living, Food & Wine, Outdoor Photography and Cooking Light magazines in my hand!! Synapse Group said they do know why the individual magazine publishers are sending them to us! This is so frustrating.
Don and Elizabeth Pine

Nov 22, 2017

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