Swift Transportation Servicestruck driver

Driver at Sunday, June 3rd at 5AM on I-15S freeway in Victorville near exit 147 for Bear Valley Road Toward Lucerne Valley. Truck driver almost got into accident with truck and my car, pinning my car very close to the freeway ramp several times while there was another truck in front of me. Had seen his aggressive behavior with another car before he tried to run me into the freeway ramp. He would constantly tailgate cars in front of him and flash the high beams at them, getting too close to the cars to almost cause accidents. Swift Transportation truck driver needs to be held responsible and such reckless driving should never be endured by other cars on the road. It is not a game where your truck drivers can do this to other cars. It is dangerous. Train your drivers and make sure they don't display such behaviors again on the road especially so early in the morning at 5am!

Jun 03, 2018

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