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I worked at Swift from [protected] in the AR Department, Phoenix, AZ. In 2013, Swift did a reorg company wide implementing the A, B, C employee rating. After this, employees were targeted. Most were fired. I myself was targeted and filed complaints with HR Department for bullying tactics. My complaints fell on deaf ears and were never investigated as I was told they would be by HR Regional Manager Lindsey Wilbert. Once my complaint(s) were filed, I started receiving PCR's ( write ups ) for poor performance. I did not sign the PCR's and tried to fight them. In my final meeting with the Director of Finance Cindy Douglas, Manager Jessica Rice, and HR Rep Lindsey Wilbert, I was told by Cindy that I was being "coached out" and would have to accept it. During this time, I filed a complaint with the EEOC, as did several other current / past employees. In Swift's response, Cindy Douglas totally lied about the circumstances. For instance, she stated she personally talked to me on the phone when she never did. I informed the EEOC of all fraudulent statements in my written response. Due to stress, I finally resigned, HOWEVER, Swift did not accept my resignation and tried to get me to come back in by telling me my job was secured. After several phone calls with Jessica Rice trying to persuade me to come back to work, I was terminated. Total bs!! In the end, the EEOC told me that I didn't have a complaint and to file in federal or state courts. Swift twisted and manipulated the circumstances and EEOC believed it. I have never had an issue with my work performance till 2013 at Swift. It is widely known throughout corporate that if you start filing complaints with HR, you will be "gone". Jerry Moyes needs to stop flying around in his private jet and needs to see what's going on at corporate. Richard Stocking and Ginnie Henkels allow Management to do and say whatever they want to employees. Sadly, State agencies don't support you. Swift can ruin you!

Jan 27, 2016

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