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Swatch Group / Poor customer service

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Swatch Group -

I bought a Tissot watch and the crown fell out. Since the watch was still under warranty it was fixed free of charge. I'm complaining because they took 6 months to repair my watch. I was learned that this is not untypical for the Swatch Group. Had I known this, I never would have purchased the watch. Tissot is owned by the Swatch Group. I have included a list of brands owned by that group. This email is not meant to speak to the quality of the watch, but the quality of the company taking your money.

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  • Ka
      21st of May, 2008
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    Dear Sirs,
    My complaint regards one of your retailers in Romania, namely B&B Collection Ltd. I have purchased a DS Podium Square watch, ref:COO1.517.16.037.01 two weeks ago from the above mentioned retailer, in Sibiu, within the local European Retail Park, as a birthday present for my boyfriend. This complaint regards poor customer service, as well as the dubious quality of the watch, since one of the pointers has simply come off yesterday. The watch has not suffered any shoks and has not been forced or hit in any way, since it has always been kept in its box and worn only on special occasions. It has taken us two days to make contact with the head manager of the company which is authorized to repair your products in Bucharest, or so she says, who wasn't really willing to listen to the complaint and who kept implying that the watch must have suffered some kind of shock. I consider this kind of attitude unacceptable, since the watch has always been very well taken care of, not to mention the two weeks timespan it took for the watch to betray such a severe defect, which I also find outrageous. This being said, I am quite convinced that I have been sold a broken watch, not by fault of the Certina Company, but by fault of the B&B retailer. I am very well aware of the fact that Certina products are sold only by authorized companies throughout the world, however I doubt that the aforementioned retailer respects your policy, when selling such watches which need repairs after two weeks after the purchase. The watch has been sent to Bucharest today for investigation. however I am not willing to accept a repaired watch, for the reasons I have already mentioned: it is unlikely that a new original Certina watch should need repairs after two weeks. I sincerely advise you to verify the way your romanian retailer respects your policy and if I have actually been sold an original swiss watch, or not.
    Yours sincerely,

  • Ch
      12th of Jul, 2008
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    Had problems with an Omega; first time I went for a swim whilst wearing it, it leaked. Water resist to 300 metres! The cost to repair the watch was £245 and I didn't even receive an explanation as to the probem. I am about to take the matter further; or at least attemt to.!

  • Va
      26th of Aug, 2008
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    I bought a Tissot watch and the crown fell out. Since the watch was still under warranty it was fixed free of charge. I'm complaining because they took 6 months to repair my watch. I was learned that this is not untypical for the Swatch Group. Had I known this, I never would have purchased the watch. Tissot is owned by the Swatch Group. I have included a list of brands owned by that group. This email is not meant to speak to the quality of the watch, but the quality of the company taking your money.

  • Fr
      19th of Aug, 2009
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    I put my Tissot T-Touch in for a battery change and re-seal, as Swatch won't release the technology to watch repair shops it had to be sent to Swatch to do this.

    The watch shop confidently said it should take two weeks to be back so I agreed and paid the rather extortionate £75 for it. Three weeks later I contacted the shop having not heard any thing and to my surprise was told it wasn't back yet and that Swatch had advised it would be a further 4 weeks before my watch would be back, I contacted the shop again after 6 weeks again having not heard anything only to be informed that the watch needed to be serviced as well and that another 3 weeks will be needed to finish the job!!!

    I can't believe how slow this is, and they have the cheek to charge top money for what is quiet frankly a miserable service, had i known about their (Swatch Group's) poor after sales service I would have thought twice about buying any of their products.

  • Fs
      3rd of Feb, 2010
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    I own an omega speedmaster day date, it has failed 3 times in two years!
    The swatch group have had my watch in for repair for a total of a year, longer than I have had the thing on my wrist!
    Then they try to blame me for causing the damage!
    I am a watch enthusiast & this does not sit well with me.

  • Ar
      12th of Apr, 2011
    -1 Votes

    The Swatch Group does not care wether you are satisfied with the product after purchase or not.
    The after sales service is very good as long as it does not cost them any effort or money.
    In other words, whenever your watch fails they send you the bill eventhough this bill is as high as a new watch.
    They wanted to repair my 1970 seamaster for 1300 euro's.
    When I asked the Swatch Group for explanation the send me to Mr. Kroner, Customer Service Responsible of our Service Center in Netherlands.
    And he send me to the dealer, the same dealer who told me to contact the Swatch Group. According to Mr Kroner it was the dealers responsibility to deal with complaints.
    Not only is this reply very unfriendly for the dealer, who also sells other brands but it's a totall lack of responsibility.
    I decided to clean the watch myself and replaced the battery. Guess what...the watch is running just fine. Ofcourse it's not waterproof anymore but I can do without a waterproof watch wenever it saves me 1300 euro's.
    For me, never an Omega or any other watch, manufactured by the Swath Group, again, nor any other watch with an ETA-movement.

  • Ja
      27th of Feb, 2012
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    I have Tissot Rockwatch R150, missing battery strap and screw. Tissot dealer not interested to repair and/or can not they say. Tissot asks Euro 100 to put simple items in. Tissot refuses to sell me these parts so I can do it myself. Incredible robbery.

  • 97
      16th of Mar, 2012
    -1 Votes

    The Swatch Group is a joke, I purchased a Longine Ladies watch long time ago and I send it to Swatch Group on 10/12/2011
    for service. After 3 months they send me an email with a quote $400 (high but I agreed), they were going to do a complete overhaul and refurbish the bracelet and case. Now, 3 more months, I get a call that after they told me they will service my watch, they can do it. They say they are missing a part. What F* part??? I gave my watch complete!! LOL All pieces are there and it was working. I only wanted to refurbish the band. What a bunch of idiots!

  • Az
      11th of Apr, 2012
    0 Votes

    I bought a flick flak Harry Potter swatch watch from Tampines Mall, Singapore as a present for my nephew who lives in Islamabad Pakistan. The watch was in its original packing, being confident about the quality of the neither I nor the shop attendant in Singapore bothered to open the watch and check if it was in a proper condition.
    I brought the watch packed to Islamabad, Pakistan and presented it to my nephew, he enthusiastically opened the watch and tried to adjust it's time before banding it on to his wrist. Unfortunately the machine was not working and after a certain round the hour and the minutes hand was not moving. He came back disappointed and showed the same to me. The watch being under international warranty I took it to the nearest outlet of swatch Islamabad.
    I being an old customer of swatch have purchased several watches, I recall one incident in Dubai where I purshased a flick flak which had a fault and I had to go back to the Deira outlet where they immediately replaced the watch because they confirmed that flick flak which I have purchased is not repairable.
    The Islamabad office misbehaved and they were insisting that the watch will be repaired and not replaced, I told them that I have purchased the watch on 30th March 2012 (this incident took place on 9th April 2012) and it clearly states in the warranty which I read out to him that if a watch is not repairable than it has to be replaced.
    I told the shop attendant to speak to his manager who after assessing the situation bluntly refused to talk to me. When I tried calling him he did not respond and shut down his cell phone.
    Keeping in view my nephews position and to avoid embarrassment I purchased another swatch which costed me PKR 4600 and peacefully left the shop.
    This attitude is an unacceptable, I request swatch to inquire on the matter and take strict action against the outlet as this is purely a reputational risk.
    Please feel free to contact me on
    Kind Regards

  • Re
      12th of Apr, 2012
    +1 Votes

    I took my collectors Access chipped Swatch watch into a store for a band replacement before Christmas, they smashed the case, four months later 12 phone calls interstate at my expense ( I also had to buy a new watch as well as I can’t do without one) I am still waiting. Told it would be sent off for repair after the Christmas holidays, it wasn’t. Chasing the store manager by phone was useless never returned phone calls and when she did tell me something different every time. Offered me a voucher to the value of 95.00 which I can’t use as the nearest store to me now is 2 days drive away. I can choose one from online, but there such a limited selection, (no skeleton watches like mine, and none with the Access data chip either) there are no sizes, prices or watch details listed so I can’t pick one accurately. I rang a city head store and was told of the problems with this store manager and her lack of knowledge, great service from this guy, he rang me back after a meeting and said the store manager had not rung me as I was in the UK !!! What rubbish!!! Never left home. Now I rang Swatch customer service wait a full day for a reply, No they will just give me a 95.00 watch. I said this was not good enough after I had to spend money buying a replacement watch and that they were not giving me a similar model when they damaged it, he agreed and said he would get back to the manager again, now that was two days ago!!! I have only ever had swatch watches for the past 24 years, this service is appaling

  • Em
      19th of Nov, 2012
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    excellet sale

  • Wa
      15th of Jan, 2013
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    If needing any repairs to your watches, I highly recommend "A Watch in Time" in Heathmont. (Victoria, Australia
    You deal directly wih the watchmakers on site and they are relatively quick.
    I have had several watches repaired and maintained by them without complaint.

  • Na
      14th of Mar, 2013
    0 Votes

    Insteed contacting directly the brands, you are all so frustrated on ths web.
    All phones and addresses are online.
    So stop to cry like little girls and be responsable once in your poor life.

  • Ol
      10th of Apr, 2013
    0 Votes

    I can't understand why The Swatch Group doesn't have ANY e-mail addresses relating Customer Support. The service in Moscow, Russia (Hour Passion on 9 Tverskaya street) is disgusting. I bought Calvin Klein GRID LADY SILVER DIAL watch. The dial is fastened to the bracelet with 2 small screws. One month after the purchase one screw fell out and the battery went low. It took them 5 months to replace the battery and to mount the dial into the bracelet band. The next day after I finally took my watch from the service centre the dial completely fell out from the bracelet. This is just totally abominal. I'll never buy Calvin Klein watch or any of The Swatch Group watch again.

  • Ol
      10th of Apr, 2013
    0 Votes

    ABOMINABLE. sorry for mistakes.

  • So
      30th of Jun, 2013
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    BALMAIN 5x NO CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! - In Dec 2010 I bought a Balmain watch from Swatch Group. After opening the box it seemed that the watch did not work. 1) Immediately send it back and received the watch back about 1 month later and now it worked... but time was not reliable, as if the watch hands were not running correctly. 2) Send it back again to Balmain / Longiness Fabric in Switzerland. It came back with a letter in which they told me that they had not found any defects. 3) Send it to Balmain again and now it returned with a letter that really could not find defects, but to be sure replaced battery and movement. Still watch did not run correctly and when I told this to a friend he suggested that the hands were 'loose' and responded to any movement that I made with my wrist while wearing it: I checked and yes - we had found the real problem!: hands were 'slipping'. 4) Send to Balmain again and now they said it was my own fault because I had bumped against something with the watch and that had created a shock. For reparations they wanted CHF 100.-. I refused (watch had never worked properly and guarantee was still valid) and watch came back and still not working good!!! 5) Contacted Fabric again and requested for normal customer service. They lied and told me that they never had my watch there before and so I send their letters as prove. Now the manager called me and apologized and told me that I could expect service or a new watch. He was new and had to contact another manager and would call me back in a week... never heard anything again!!!

  • Ri
      10th of Nov, 2013
    +1 Votes

    I would like to bring this onto this forum that I bought a swatch watch from Nuance duty free store, Zurich Airport on 21st Sep, 2013 to bring as present for my wife.

    Honestly it has been worst experience of mine buying swatch watch considering worst product quality and extremely poor customer service. I had to face huge humiliation since the watch didn't work at all after I present it to my wife. Moreover when I sent a complain email using Swatch website, and I didn't receive any followup email/call from swatch International or their local representative until I have to personally find its local distributor.

    Anyway its been more than one month after I handed over my watch to Swatch local distributor and so far I have no clue if my watch is going to be repair. Here I would like to mention that they have neglected to give me replacement, and yesterday I receive a call from them that your watch is still not working after repair and we are sending it back to our repair center. Most importantly the model I purchased is not available in Pakistan.

    Now I am not sure, if I am going to get my watch back in working condition since I have lost all my trust in swatch customer service.

    Muhammad Rizwan

  • Mo
      22nd of Feb, 2014
    0 Votes

    the same happened to me but with tissot touch expert and with prc200 .. first prc200 i replaced it because it didn't work for a month and now the touch expert they still fixing it and no body is telling you anything even the customer service .. they don't reply to you

  • Mo
      22nd of Feb, 2014
    0 Votes

    I have a touch expert watch and I had a PRC200 watch automatic from Tissot also.. The first one PRC200 I replaced it because it was delaying time very much and I got a touch expert one but it is worst because all the sensors in it wasn't accurate I bet that Casio watches are cheaper but better .. Well it is in the dealer here and they still fixing it in the warranty but I contacted them a lot and no body is answering me even the head quarter in Switzerland and they are ignoring me ... so I guess that is a lesson not to buy any thing from this group anymore and Japan is the best

  • Ch
      22nd of Mar, 2014
    +1 Votes

    I have been a fan of Tissot watches; but I must say, I have been disappointed with the performance. My wife purchased a SeaStar
    automatic for me some 5 or six years ago from a dealer in Kolkata. As luck would have it, it stopped working within a year. Took it to a Watch expert in New York City, who worked on it in warranty... Not much luck there... some time later, I paid and had it serviced with him.It worked!

    Another watch, automatic Seastar, purchased 2012, again from the Tissot Boutique in Kolkata with warranty ran fast all the time. I still have not resorted to a warranty service from the Swatch Group in Seacaucus, NJ. It's no use, it is out of warranty and I guess, I'll need
    to pay to have it fixed. Now I have another Automatic day/date watch purchased from an exclusive Tissot boutique (Feb 23, 2013) in Kolkata.I find this one also runs fast!.

    I am in the process of trying the Swatch Group in NJ to fix this and restore my confidence in Tissot.
    I will let people know how I fare! But I am probably over enthusiastic about Tissot and its manufacture. Let me see the service and I'll
    stop being a fan if my experiences are not savory.

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