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In September 2010 I purchased a Swarovski Nirvana ring from the Swarovski web site. The second time I wore the ring in early October, the back side of the ring cracked while I was clapping my hands. The irony is that I was wearing the Nirvana ring on my left hand and was wearing another Swarovski ring on my right hand and the contact bewteen the two rings caused the entire backside of the Nirvana ring to crack and shatter.

I called Swarovski customer service and told them of the problem. I was informed that the ring could not be repaired and to replace the ring I would have to pay half the retail price of the ring plus shipping/handling and tax. The original price of the ring was $190 and the replacement cost would be $118.54. I was shocked that Swarovski wouldn't replace the ring free of charge. After all, I hadn't mishandled or mistreated the ring, I simply was clapping my hands. Their warranty states that they cover manufacturing and material defects under normal use, commencing two years from the date of purchase. I contend that clapping hands is normal use.

I am a Swarovski Crystal Society member and I will not be renewing my membership or purchasing their products again until they make this right. I have spent a considerable amount of money on purchases from their company either for myself or as gifts for others. I will also make sure to recommend my friends and co-workers shop elsewhere.

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      Jan 06, 2015

    I loved my $190 purple nirvana ring and took excellent care of it. After a few months, the crystal started to become loose from the band so I went to the store with my receipt and warranty and they were so rude to me that I left crying. A few days later my ring broke and I was devastated. I tried to speak reasonably with the sales representatives again and show them my ring. I have never been treated with such disrespect. I still wear the ring because I love it so much. On a weekly basis, I would say an average of 4 people approach me and compliment me on my ring but when they do I make sure to tell them where my ring is from and show them how it broke and also tell them how unprofessional the customer service is at Swarovski.

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