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On Sep 23'09 (Wed) at 7:15pm I took a earring with one crystal fell off for repair within 2-yr warranty at Eaton Centre store, downtown Toronto. The earring I seldem wore and with all original package, receipt, warranty certificate, & box. There were 3 sales people there. When I went into the store they were chatting and trying on the items at store. I took their name, Rachel, LeiLei and Carol as they were rude.

I showed them my earring that needed repair with receipt. The earring and the box were in Excellent condition. LeiLei asked if I washed it with Acetone, I said "No". (who would wash a gold plated crystal earring with acetone? The instructions said warm water and soap. I never wash them since I seldom wear them) Then she wrote down on the repair slip that "it smells bad". I told her it was a plastic smell from the cushion of the box, the earring does not smell. Then she insisted on she was right. Then another sales, Carol came.

Carol said "you brought it at Duty Free, we do not take items purchased from Duty Free."

Then I said "Swarovski has international warranty."

Then Carol gave me a look with despise and said "We were doing the repair as a courtesy, do you want it repaired or not? You bought it at duty free, you shouldn't get a repair. Take it back."

Then another sales, Rachel, she came and wrote down "chemical smells on box."

When I asked for the store manager, I was told he was not in. Then they gave me a despise look and did not even asked "what we could help you", nor

"good night". I was treated as someone who disturbed their chatting and not buying anything, and took a "Duty Free" lower cost item to bother them for repair that I am entitled. They did not want to serve me and gave me despise look, very rude, with no service, and very mean.

I was absolutely impressed with the "poor customer service" and treatment I received. Not to mention I will Never buy anything with Swarovski.

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  • Me
      Dec 28, 2009

    I also got a bad service, and wanna to complain, but have not found the way to write to the head of their company

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  • Me
      Dec 28, 2009

    I also got a bad service, how can I complain to the company?

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  • Ma
      Jan 15, 2010

    i even wonder whether there is an actual customer service department in swarovski or no. I kept calling for a whole week, everyting time the machine kept me waiting for at least 5minties, still no one picked up! I dont know where I can get my cristal fixed and where to give the feedback to them! Their service is horrible!!

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  • 86
      Apr 05, 2010

    I also get a bad service now, only after 20days after I bought from the store, and two crystal dropped and many others turn to green color, But they refuse to fix it or change it for me, and said it's my fault, I never wear it when shower or use perfume or other cosmetics in my neck, the only thing may be sweat, necklace must resist to sweat when designed!
    I will never buy another item from this horrible store!

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  • Su
      Jan 19, 2011

    I was absolutely impressed with the "poor customer service" and treatment I received. I will Never buy anything with Swarovski.

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  • In
      Jul 23, 2019

    @superjune They probably don't need you anyways!
    Good riddance!

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  • Su
      Jan 19, 2011

    the service of the company is poor. Is there any department we can complain?

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  • Og
      Mar 07, 2011

    i bought a ring one month ago and 15 days after i buy it the color started to change so came to the store and the manager told me that it was normal and if i had any problem with the crystal i should go back to the store and they will give me another one, but surprise when i came back to the store today with three missing crystals she told me: we cant give you the warranty service i threat to sue for giving me a wrong information and the results were this: we will call you in a week for make a validation of the warranty.

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  • I bought a necklace that has a crystal heart with a pearl inside it in April. In mid-June it fell out! So in July, I got took it down to get it fixed. Yesterday, I get a call saying it was fixed and ready to pick it up. Today, August 26, I go and put the necklace on and the pearl fell off. Needless to say, I'm mad! I went back there and asked for it to be fixed and now being told that it is significantly tarnished and that they may not repair because of that and also that it has been exposed to water or some chemicals. I said to the representative that t;I did have it near water!The representative gave me the same spiel. I can say for a fact that I also did not exposed to any chemicals. I'm not happy and that necklace cost me close to $130.00 CDN. I will not be buying anymore from Swarovski! Plus, I going to tell anyone that asks about store; not to buy anything from them.
    Very P.O.:
    Now Former Customer

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  • Ha
      Sep 26, 2012

    I bought the Dazzel Ring less than a year ago. After about six months, all the crystals on one side had fallen out. Sent it back and they replaced them with no cost. Now, a few of the crystals are green instead of clear. There was a coating on them to make them appear clear. Also, have lost one more stone. Sent email to Swarovski and they sent a Notice of Disclaimer for me to sign and said I have to pay $50.00 for repair. The ring cost $115. Also they had the following warning on the form: CALIFORNIA PROPOSITION 65 WARNING: Crystals contain chemicals known to the Sate of California to cause cancer, birth defects, and other reproductive harm.

    Sent them email that I am not paying $50 for repairs and also asked why they would sell a product that is hazardous to your health. There is also suppose to be a two year warranty for pieces purchased from authorized Swarovski retailers. Haven't received answer as of yet.

    Thanks -

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  • Ay
      Dec 30, 2012

    My boyfriend got me the ring yesterday and it was a bit loose when I went today swap it to the right size they blamed me that I wore it and I scratched, that lady who serve us was so rude, she suggest us try in other branches maybe they'll change, when we try like she said their colleague said to us that they called to the local branches that we are gonna come with that favour and I wore it and damage it.So didn't understand what's the point to telling us that we can try in other branches? so dissapointed with their customer service.It's rubbish especially in London, Regent street branch.

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  • 20
      Nov 08, 2013

    I came back from Austria in August where I was invited to visit the Swarovski museum in Innsbruck. I and my daughter had a good time there and we are the members of Swarovski too. We bought over $5, 000 jewellery, ornament and shirts there. When we were back to Vancouver, we noticed that we needed one more set of necklace for our friend. So, I went to Swarovski Oakridge in 650 W. 41 St., Ave., Unit #265 to purchase one more set of necklace. I found one necklace inside the showcase with labelling the price of $100.00, which I liked the best. I asked one of the staff to packed it for me, I noticed that she gave a sign to another staff to kept the price-tag in the drawer right away and she pretended to find the box under the show-case, actually she just kept on packing some others thing. After a while, she took out one box and she told me that this is new box, then she charged me $130.00, plus tax is $145.00 for the total payment. I asked why is so expansive, she just said I made mistake. I told her impossible, I saw the price was $100.00 only. I asked her why you hide the price-tag so fast, it seemed she's playing trick to the customers. She cheated the customers and she showed worst attitude and the other staffs laughed at me, saying if I didn't have money I shouldn't come in the store. Oh, I was so sad and angry, but I was in a hurry to go to dinner and my car parked outside, so, I had no time to argue with them. I paid then left the store. I told myself I'll never come here any more. We used to purchase the Swarovski jewellery in North Vancouver Mall, we heard about the Swarovski Oakridge is the worst customer's service in Vancouver, but I was in a hurried that I had to purchase there. I know I would not visit the shop anymore. I can submit the date of purchase and the clerk no. (Date: 20/08/2013 Time: 3:21:31 PM Invoice No:58393 Store No.002A 1 Clerk No:0936.
    We are the members of Swarovski, we are invited to Designer Signing Event Nov.7, 2013 in Oakridge Centre again. We decided to attend the event, and we told the manager what had happened that day. She said she would take care of it but I understand she would not, she just fooling me around. We still bought one of Christmas ornament from them for no reason because we don't want to laughed behind again. One staff tried to give us some gift for settling but we need is good customers service, not gift, we can afford to buy whatever we want. Our membership no. [protected]/[protected]. We are going to visit Hong Kong during Christmas, we will visit Swarovski there, we hope we will be treated good. But we decide not to buy any Swarovski things in Vancouver and we will tell our friends never go to Swarovski in Oakridge Mall.

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  • Ti
      Dec 24, 2013

    I purchased a Swarovski Dazzle ring in Vienna in Nov 2010 and it dazzled for all of about one week before starting the long downward path to the junk heap. One day I just looked down at my hand and noticed two of the stones were missing. I returned it to the store, expecting they would replace it given the short length of time I'd had it. Instead, they said they would repair it, and kept it a couple of weeks. I'd purchased the ring for a special Christmas event so was not impressed. When I returned to the store, they in fact had just replaced the ring. Fast forward a couple of months and I noticed more stones missing. I returned the ring to a local store (Rideau Centre, Ottawa) and, as I was travelling, waited several months to see it again. Not long afterwards, the stones on one shank came off in one piece. I returned to the Rideau Centre and the manager was very helpful, said there were a lot of problems with this ring, faulty manufacturing, and replaced it a second time. I had better luck with this replacement as it lasted close to six months before stones started falling out again. Still within the 2-year warranty period, I returned to the Rideau Centre location to send it off for repairs. Six months later, just out of the warranty period, stones disappeared again, and I paid $10 to have them replaced but was without the ring for several months as I was again travelling. Less than three months went by and more stones disappeared, I again paid the Rideau Centre location $10 to have them replaced, except this time they did a horrible job, the stones on one side of the ring shank were no longer flush and I knew would catch on fabrics, etc. Plus one of the stones was still missing. After inspecting the workmanship more closely, I immediately returned to the store to ask them to return it to the repair depot. They started arguing that they couldn't do any better and wanted to charge me $10 to send it back again! Needless to say, I refused. Now I've gone back to pick up the ring for the nth time and it came back in exactly the same shape as I received it the last time, i.e. they did nothing! Service at the Rideau Centre location has definitely deteriorated, they are completely disinterested. I give up. The moral of the story after two replacements and six repairs and maybe a sum total of a year actually on my hand ... this is a throwaway piece of jewelry but not at a throwaway price!

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  • Ni
      Dec 28, 2013

    Nivine Fathy
    I bought things with about euro400 while I was in touristic visit in Spain the sales lady did not give me warranty plus the main invoice taken in taxes I have only visa receipt after 2 months the necklace and the earring have crystals dropped I went to their branch in my country they told me we can not help except either receipt or guarantee is available I called their custom service for help almost 3 months past mails coming and going and no solution really it's a shame
    3 minutes ago

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  • Sa
      Jan 18, 2014

    I am so annoyed and feel insulted by the way I have been treated at my local SWAROVSKI branch ( King Street, Jersey. C.I. UK).
    On returning a pair of faulty earring hoops along with receipt I asked for repair or replacement I was shocked at the treatment i was given by staff. I returned twice the manager was not present either time ( I have now been told she will be off until february 28th!!)
    The staff looked at my earring (which I have worn a hand full of time ) told me it was company policy not to change or replace earrings! The bridge you put through the ear lobe has snapped away - I was told me it was my fault! How can that be my fault ?????? I only put it through my ear ! I do NOT miss treat my jewellery for god's sake! At best they could have repaired my earring for me as it is totally useless to me like this. I have shopped at SWAROVSKI for years but this stops now and Jersey is a small Island news travels fast.

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  • Ti
      Mar 05, 2014

    How do we bring up our compalints to a body that will regulate the sales of swarovski. They are robbing us of our money

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  • Ma
      Jan 12, 2015

    I also had terrible service. I paid for next day delivery but took well over 2 weeks and ended up being a late present. When I complained they said I should know it was a national holiday in Switzerland (I am in the UK, used the UK website), they weren't bothered in the slightest. Quality of the ring was poor, no way worth the money. And now on top of this they spam me with offers with no way of unsubscribing! Honestly, avoid this company.

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  • An
      Jan 13, 2015

    I had a terrible experience with Swarovski, they are so nice when you go buy something but if you have any problems, they seem to forget about it. My husband gave me a set of earrings and a pendant for Christmas, I did not like the quality of the product so I went o return it but I did not have my husband's card for them to return the money, so the lady who was working there that day told me that I had a week over the 14 days that they normally give you to be able to return the item because of Christmas. so before that time I went back to the store and the manager told me it was not possible to return and I could only exchange it for something else. I told him that someone representing the store made it very clear that I could return it without a problem but he insisted that it was the store policy. I also ask him to speak to someone else but he said that I could not because he was the store manager. after this I will never ever think about buying anything in that store or even recommend it to someone. I am going to lose $125 dollars on something that I will never wear, but I guarantee that telling my bad experience to others will make people think twice before buying a product from this company.

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  • No
      Jan 23, 2015

    I have been shopping at Swarovski for years for every day, weddings, gift etc.

    Last night I went to your store in Ontario CA, Ontario Mills Plaza and purchase a ring. This is not the ring that I came for, but they had sold out of the ring I really wanted.
    Your sales associate place the box in the blue bag, I then put it in my purse.
    Decided when I got home, I would not keep it. Left the bag in my purse, and carried the ring back to store on my lunch break the very next day. The sales associates on at that time told me that there was a smear on the box, and I could not return it, and that it is your policy. It did not indicate this on the receipt.
    The spear was so unclear I had to hold it to the light to see what she was taking about. She then said the ring is still intact, it is the packaging. I said there is nothing torn or damage, and plus it is the way I received it. "I teased with her and said, what you are barney fife with a bullet, are your kidding me. She then said, oh you going to call me a name, I said I was just kidding. She said, I was going to return it, know you are going to have to go to another store. I ask for the number to customer service, and called it right in the store. next thing I know they call her, she takes the phone call in the back stock room and tell them that the ring is damaged. next thing I know while I am still talking to customer service, two security officers are standing over me telling me to leave. I was doing nothing wrong, but taking to customer service telling them she was not being truthful, she admitted at first that there was no damage to the ring. Then then said I would be arrested if I did not leave the store. I then became very upset and humiliated, and told her that this was very ignorant of her and that she needed to go to school to learn customer service, you would treat a customer based on your emotions. Rosalyn Barnes [protected] 1/23/2015 purchase ring on 1/22/2015 in evening.

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  • Pr
      Apr 09, 2015

    I am Swoarovski fan since last fifteen years. Somehow their general arrogant attitude of sales person ( across the globe !) and pathetic sales service has finaly made me take a decision to never shop Swarovski ever. Firstly there is products are overpriced and still we are paying for goodwill; which is built up because of quality and service. But service is very bad and quality too is deteriorating in few products recently. Customer service is a fake function, I believe they just send mails and nothing else. After 15 years of loyal customer I would urge all customres there NOT TO PURCHASE SWAROVSKI, there are lot of great brands with good quality an in fact lesser price too available in market. Lets be a smart customer and shift over from SWAROVSKI.

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  • Ka
      Jun 21, 2015

    You are all crazy!! Swarovski is really good company! You are all just cheap! And want to get fix one pair of earrings that probably cost you $69 and want to take advantage of the company and get new items!!! Like what jewelery store!!! Will take care of your jewelry forever!? Are you nuts!? Be careful with ur items then throw them away! Get over that idea! And not everyone gives bad service at swarovski!! I love some of their employees you guys just have to come with an open attitude not arrogantly saying no just looking! And been mean with them.

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  • Ru
      Sep 12, 2015

    It seems that whatever Swarovski shop you go into to see if you can get something fix the staff are rude - I had a bangle 18 mths ago and so far have lost 7 stones I took it back yesterday and the really rude shop assistant in hanleys potteries centre told me that I shouldn't wear it all the time as the stones are glued in - now to me glued in stones is cheap costume jewellery not expensive jewellery like Swarovski she also told me that I should shower in it or spray perfume on it - this is bad customer service I will never buy from Swarovski again glued in stones rubbish

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  • Me
      Jan 10, 2016

    My husband bought me this ring a year ago as my engagement ring. As the year progressed, the ring turned pink and brown. I took it into the store, it got cleaned got cleaned twice and finally i contacted the head office. They have done NOTHING at all and said it was MY fault! Horrible customer service!

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  • Su
      May 21, 2016

    My Phone 16:58:29
    Less than 2 years ago I bought a Swarovski watch (about $900) for my friend. This is the third time she has been ask me to bring back to fix it. The last two times was crystal coming off from the band problems. This time still fix the band and the turning cover. I drop it off to the store to fix it in Feb. 13 2016 paid the total fees for $135.31 to order the parts and plus another $53.13 fix fee. (The store manager tell me that's all the fees I need to pay). They notice me it takes about 2 months to fix it. I wait about 2 months or so and I made the first call if I could go pick it up, the customer service tell me they need 10 more days. I waited for about another month ( since I was busy on my final and not planing travel back and bring the watch to my friend). Recently, I am planning to travel back in June, so I called the customer service on May 20th, they tell me there are another $25 fee on my balance, in order to fix the watch, I need to pay that $25. I went to the store, the sales person called the customer service again and find out nothing for me, she says the store did not get any info from the repair place, and I should call the customer service myself ask about the fee. I was really disappointed and mad. Nobody contact me between this long period, nobody letting me know anything about this $25 when I made the first call, until now nobody said anything like "sorry for the inconvenience." Looks like I am not be able to bring the watch back to my friend after this long waiting, and my next trip back it's probably 2 years later. I called the customer service again in May 21 (Saturday) at 14:47pm, the automated message guides me to all the craps like most of customer services do, says they are off at 3:00pm on Saturday and hanged me up. This is the worse purchase/customer service I've ever had. As a big fun of Swarovski, I am never buying this brand anymore and not recommends any of my friends to purchase too. My friend says she does not want the watch any more. But I paid all the fees. Now I need to pay another $25 for whatever reason and probably not getting the watch for another 2 months. The main point is between all this long period, nobody letting me know anything. The store have all my contact information long time ago.

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  • Ka
      Oct 03, 2017

    i will not recommend to no body to spend many on swarovski/. this is expensive peace of crape . you bay a pecs of LALIQUE glass it is for ever .no expensive glue figure paid 500 us for junk

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  • Tb
      Jan 17, 2018

    Horrible customer service at Menlo Park mall in edison, NJ. Do they train staff to act stuck up and nasty? You guys are costume jewlelry sales staff at a mall .. seriously, aim high in life!

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  • Ro
      May 11, 2018

    I purchased earrings from Swarovski online, when the earrings arrived I was disappointed at how cheap they looked so packaged them up as instructed and mailed them back as Swarovski does not offer returns back to a store which is unbelievable.
    I waited to receive an email stating the earrings had been received and a refund had been made to my account. After two weeks I started to contact Swarovski looking for my refund. I was told they did not receive package and could not help me. I provided information on what the package looked like, the day it left the mail room and the time Canada Post picked up the help. I received emails back stating they could not find and would not refund my money. I have asked on many occasions for someone to actually go to their warehouse/mail room and look for the package but they have refused. I will NEVER purchase from this company again based on this TERRIBLE customer service experience...I am now out $80.00 and someone else is wearing my earrings, hope they are enjoying them.

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