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Supercuts / inexperienced hairdressers

1 Yeovil, England, Somerset, United Kingdom Review updated:

i have my hair cut once a month and i dont have any thing different any of them months.

its a simple cut and i have been going there now for over a year. within that time i have seen hairdressers come and go at least 8-10 people have come and gone.

i went in last month for my usual to find 3 new staff in there, none of them was cutting hair, and i still had to wait 10 minutes. when i did get in the chair and was happy to pay £16.50 for a wash and cut, i was then told i couldn't have my usual grade one on the sides as none of them could do this!!

i then settled for a grade 2 at the price of £11.50 as they couldn't do this grade 1 still thinking i was going to get my hair washed too, oh no i paid for a hair cut that would of cost £11.50 without a wash and still didnt get what i wanted anyway.

how can they get away this rubbish service and still charge the prices that they are.

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      8th of Sep, 2009

    I am a stylist at Supercuts in the Buffalo area and have experienced the same treatment at the hands of a manager. I and the entire staff are afraid to stand up for ourselves when we are reguarly humiliated in front of a waiting room full of people or written up for some small infraction.
    And when i say small infraction i mean it does Not involve insubordination., Theft., or un-proffesionalsm. All of wich Certainly deserves documentation!
    No ., that would be reasonable.,
    Instead i have witnessed and exprienced write ups done out of sheer spite., Any One of us can point out to the manager that if she wants -

    1) For us to be at work 15 mins b4 the hour ready to work and presentable (Hair makeup done ect.)
    2)OR For us to keep conversations with all customers proffesional (No talk about personal problems., Partying ., Sex life ect.)
    3)OR For us to keep cell phones put away and silent and used only on break.
    4)OR For us to keep all and any friends or family out of the break room and office. (Ex: No lingering or hanging out of non-employees in employee only areas.!)
    5)OR For us not to bring a nasty attitude to work.

    If she really wants to set an example of what she expects from us Then SHE should DO IT TOO.!

    She not only does what she wants w/out repercussions., But we are all on eggshells that she may SNAP at any minute with verbal abuse topped off with documentation over any small infraction she can come up with just to keep us in fear of losing our jobs and under her thumb!
    Some people may say "So go take it to General Mngmnt!"
    Well., This is a corporation. And corporations care about the bottom line.. Keep in mind this manager also happens to be a top seller! Her bullying extends not only to us stylists but to the customers.. With a big smile on her face the poor customers never know what hit them till after they've gone. Often with products or haircuts they didnt really want.. But too dazed and embarassed to do anything about it in the shop.
    As a result i have personally found myself preffered by more than a few of her clientele..

    GOOD!... Right?

    Hell NO...Now i am a threat.. No one has a voice in this store., The fear of random documentation is that strong.. Now I have the mis-fortune of being a threat. God help me., ! I just want to NOT be harrassed daily at work.
    I am extremely professional., Im asked reguarly when i join a new store if im mngmnt.., Im not a top seller every week w/out flaw., but i am also not the worst. I have years of cutting experience behind me and i truly love my trade and i take pride in my Art and my workplace.. When there are no customers i Clean and organize.Both things I actually enjoy doing on down time.In fact i am kinda known for cleaning constantly..
    In addition I am Pro-active in the duties essential to the smooth running of a salon. I have responsibilities i take very seriously., Responsibilities a stylist such as myself is not expected to do as part of my duties or my position. But i do them bcause i have to make contributions to my store in order to feel good about myself..

    In short., I am not a trouble maker by any means..I am not even grumpy. I would actually consider myself Emotionally Stable and Intelligent w a few fairly harmless Quirks. I make it a point to talk one on one w people i have conflict with in private in an attempt to come to understanding and peace., A Survival Skill crucial in any salon setting as most stylists know.

    On ocassion tho u run into a person who., no matter how neutral you try to be ., Will just simply take everything as an attack and dis-like you for ANY Reason.
    My frustration comes from not having control over my future stability bcause of my mis-fortune of having one such person as a mngr. . Its a bad situation Especially in this economy..
    She has me convinced that she has had to Beg for my job from the General Mngr several times!., For being a few minutes late Or having a lower than expected sales percentage?

    Wow., Really? Maybe if i was smarter i would have informed the General Mngr of you making your shift-mngr punch you in when you were running late into work? I was present for that when you yelled at her for forgetting to do it!
    Or how you encourage the girls to personally buy clearance items and... Never mind.

    Had i known the hurt this person was capable of inflicting on peoples self-esteem., That she had outright tendencies for verbal and mental abuse., I would have blown her in for that and sooo much more! After all., Do our customers really want to see and hear that?

    I have developed recently the habit of avoiding eye contact w my customers... For fear of them seeing the anger or helplesness., dependind on my mngrs well being and wether her personal life is going well or not., For fear of them asking to many questions about whats the matter.. Wich would cause me to lose my intense focus on my customers..
    Hard to sell and make people happy when you arent. When you are in constant fear of your mngrs random mood swings.! Oh at first i thought she was a great motivator!! Truly! But like i said b4. I didnt know at first., in the beginning..

    I really cannot safely give any more information..But if anyone else is in this type of situation.. I am so sry for you.

    Please understand i heard several times she had a terrible childhood and i dont wish random bad stuff on anyone.
    I just dont know where to turn.. And so ill vent here instead.
    Even if the General Mngrs were able and willing to help all of us ., They have simply too many stores to watch over., it simply would not be feasable for them to guarantee protection from re-percussions to a whole store of women.

    For Non-Stylists or Students
    SuperCuts truly has much to offer.
    I want to stress that i have had far more positive experiences with SuperCuts than bad. I would not be half the stylist i am today if i didnt have the opportunity to work for this company..
    My opinions are my own and reflect only on my personal experiences with one person.

    Anyone reading this who knows or works w me..I hope this helped you feel a little better..


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