Supercuts / ridiculous job done with highlighting hair

San Jose, CA, United States
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I went to get highlights done and specifically asked the lady there that I want something darker than my hair color. I asked her can you show me the colors and I can tell you which one. She didn't show me and she did a blonde color. I hated it so I went there next day again and asked them to fix it and they started teaching me all the terminology stating you should have said low lights not highlights. No where in the website or their price board do they have anything mentioned as lowlights. How would a person know. They should always clarify with the customer what they want. So to fix it they just colored that hair to a darker color and when I shampoo after 24 hours all the color is gone! For my small short hair they charged me $70 and did such an awful job. Never get your highlights done from this location. Never!!!

Jul 19, 2016

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