Super8 Hotelwrongful eviction

R Nov 19, 2017

My mother Judith Willis moved into the Super8 Hotel in 11434 in December 2014, she lived there and paid tourist rates from $120.00-$141.40 PER DAY. She was overcharged Rates, Taxes, Fees. We did not know about The Rights and Duties of Hotel Owners and Tenants in NY and Tax Laws for when people "live" in hotels in NY. I moved in with my two children June 2015 and still reside here. A Petition Was filed against us October 2016 with No Cause for the Eviction, the case was Dismissed March 2017. My mother moved out 10/26/16 after the Thirty Day Was served however, DSK INN Corp d/b/a Super8-JFK Airport Hotel (Petitioner) STILL sought a Judgement of Eviction against her and me and also a Judgement for Use and Occupancy when she moved out. Queens Civil Court Index# 77014/16 which was Dismissed March 2017. After being Dismissed the lawyer for DSK INN Corp d/b/a Super8-JFK Airport Hotel filed a second Petition Holdover with a fraudulent Affidavit of Service and again included Judith Willis and me as Respondents. Again there was No Cause for the Eviction. This hotel has no COO, the entire time we were charged and paid this hotel was not registered in the state of NY with any offices nor as a Multiple Dwelling, and the rent was never registered with DHCR in NY. Owner according to city and state records is a Maya Estate LLC. and during both trials neither Super8 which is owned by Wyndham Worldwide appeared, nor did anyone from DSK INN Corp appeared and DSK INN Corp claims to be in Licensed Agreement with Super8 Worldwide. Some guy appeared in court with the attorney claiming to be owner and after he couldn't prove ownership he than produced a Lease claiming he is leasing the hotel from the registered owner. This is all illegal, further filing a false Petition against Judith Willis after she moved out over a year ago? Evicting my two children and I for Substantial Good Cause after we have been living in this hotel since June of 2015? We've complained to Wyndham before about this hotel. Be advised will counterclaim as well and any damages, expenses incurred as a result of this Wrongful Eviction. This hotel located at 151-67 North Conduit Avenue, Jamaica, NY, 11434.

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