Super 8 Worldwide / requesting partial reimbursement

Zanesville, OH, United States

Hospitality mgr Christie of the West Pike location
In Zanesville ohio
Ignored her corporate request to remedy the situation that resulted in a police report being filed with the MUSKINGUM COUNTY SHERRIFF DEPT.

She was instructed to give a complimentary stay plus refund (which I did not request..but was anticipating and grateful to recieve. However she did not comply or attempt to do so in full as instructed.
On my 6th day staying as a guest
They did not have electicity for 6 plus hrs. The 3days prior the key entries malfunctioned, and with a lack of attention from the night staff myself and 3 other guest along with 2 kanine pets were forced to walk around the entire establishment everytime we needed acess to our rooms. Everyday i to 15 times a day our keys needed rescanned to gain access to our room
Which was on the 3rd floor and it is a hotel with elevator.
Miguel the front desk employee filled in as maintenance using room 319 as the access point for electrical wire repair. When i checked in i was assigned to
King size with fridge one of their best .
I was hit in my head within 3 hrs
A light fell from the studs striking me ... The Front Desk informed me the rooms were renovated and six fixtures in different areas had done the same thing.
However my fiance was insulted by older Caucasian Housekeeper who refused to touch my sheets instead of apologizing for her insensitive comments he overheard she mad very nasty insinuations that we had pulled the light from the wall

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    rate and was downgraded to a dbl queen the room made due but the air conditioning unit did not chill us at all, it appeared to be an old unit. The fridge was full frost and my food went bad very early. The room number was 315.
    On day 6 my daughter was injured and my family contacted the hotel and was greeted with "YO WHAT IS UP".
    They questioned rather they misdialed or had been given the wrong number. The Fromt desk employee said the electric was out on the 3rd floor and they would not be able to transfer any calls to my room becAuse all incoming hotel calls were now forwarded to his cellphone. He promised to give me a message to contact them. That was at 2:49pm
    My family members arrived circling the hotel frantically looking for any sign of me because they called back to the Hotel nine times in a row and the employee did not even give an attempt to answer the calls coming in to the hotel.
    I never recieved any message or calls. I luckily got an online message and found my family sitting in their cars outside the front door.
    Before leaving to see my child I informed the staff my government documents are laying out on my bed containing my social security number
    Bank account numbers and personal information, if anyone needed to enter my room I made it very clear that my fiance would stay behind and he must be notified to put my things away for my own safety and identity.
    Once again my privacy was almost violated, the young man attempted to enter my room without My fiancee and informed me he only did as his manager Christie instructed him to do, and she told me to use a do not disturb sign, ignoring my verbal request about my belongings and government documents that I was using to apply for a loan. I then told her I didnt feel comfortable having a conversation with her at that time. That my medical condition is controlled by my stress and anxiety levels. Which was the reason for my stay at her establishment. She asked me if i would move to the second floor and said she had other guest to deal with and repeatedly said that if i was that unhappy about the calls the electric and the employees entering my room that I could leave. I tgen repeated that I would rather correspond thru email and I would really like to get the owners i information. The manager again cut my request short with I want you to leave, and within 2 minutes our sherriff dept pulled up and got my statement. The officer said Ms.Christie H.
    Did need that position and asked if they gave me a refund?
    I told him i didnt ask for one because corporate gave me complimentary stay and a discounted rate. He was visibly upset with her behavior and told me to stay put, after a view minutes he returned with papers that showed payment records of the last 3 days of my stay there, the Deputy told me he was very sorry for all I had experienced that day. I told him that i had been there almost a week and Because I refused to give her the names of her staff that caused so much grief she wanted me to leave. The statements of her employee and my own were exact.
    Leaving the Deputy no choice but to write a report in my favor stating he hopes I dont let this inhumane act go so easily.
    After reflecting on the money I spent there and the blatant disregard for my family
    My child and my medical condition I am looking for legal counsel. I promise this will never happen to anyone else who stays there.

    My confidence was destroyed leaving me scared by their 2 Housekeepers lack of empathy for my conditon. The refusal to change my sheets due to my psariosis is so malicious . psariosis is a medical conditon that is triggered by many things. The hotel staff was informed of my medical condition upon my arrival. The fact they seemed so visibly disgusted by a spilled Orange Hi -C which stained the sheet of room 319 was going to far. They had no respect for my feelings and actually said it was from my skin. The compassion from Mark is the only reason I did not leave. He along with Ms. Lotasha Dungee and Shawna Bryant were the redeeming qualities behind our stay there. I do want to commend Ms.Bryant for stepping up and doing one of the best housekeeping jobs I had experienced. I wish The hospitality Manager would take lives and happiness of her guest more serious. I hope the owners attempt to make this right before I am forced to move forward with legal action. My contact information is all on record. I want a partial refund as well as all my financial records and points for those dates I stayed at the location. Until the owners reach out or their attorney
    The issue still stands

Sep 24, 2017

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