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I checked into the Super 8 Woodstock on Friday, Feb 1, 2019. I checked right back out within approximately one hour of checking in on that same evening of Feb. 1, 2019. Drove 1hr, 26min—71 miles that Friday afternoon to reach that destination. Arrived with the intent of attending the Woodstock Groundhog Days events through Sunday. I traveled with my dog, therefore reserving a "Pet Friendly" room at a rate of an additional $10/night.

Upon checking entering my room, the first thing I did was undo the corner of each bed to check under the mattress, under sheets, between blankets for bedbugs. I was pleasantly surprised I did not see any sign of bedbugs. I then began to unload all of my belongings from the cart, as I brought food and drinks for the weekend. As filling the refrigerator, I glanced down and noticed that the carpet had clearly not been vacuumed any time recently. There were pieces of something all over throughout the room that I could move and kick around with my foot. I continued to fill the refrigerator with the idea in my head that you get what you pay for.

I then went to set items on top of the wooden entertainment center, then noticing that the dust and grime was so thick I was able to write my name in it.

Next went to the sink to wash my hands of the dust and grime from the entertainment center to find dried crud of some sort stuck to the upper perimeter of the sink, clearly showing that this room had not been cleaned at all.

Looking to confirm that, I then checked the bathroom...again specs of something all over the tile that could be moved around with my foot and spots that could be removed by the rubber of the sole of my boot. At that point, I was not at all surprised when I can across the little black hairs that were in the bathtub.

All of this aside, I weighed my options to the idea that I had just driven this distance, had a fun weekend planned, had a friend heading there from MI to meet me and the idea that there were no other nearby rooms available. So I tried to convince myself that I could clean it myself to make it acceptable for the weekend.

I began by opening the window—of my first floor room—only to find that the window does not lock!! That is where I drew the line. Dog in tow or not, that is not safe.

At that point, I put my dog back on his leash and headed to the front desk. As heading down the hall, I witnessed a tall man in combat boots, camouflage pants and a black jacket walking out of one room and swiping a card and letting himself into another. I continued on to the front desk.

Reaching the desk, I spoke with Norma—the Hotel Manager. I explained the condition of my room. Her response being—"it's a pet room". Evidently, cleaning between customers is optional in "pet rooms"?? I explained that this was beyond the idea of there having been a dog in the room prior. All these issues were unacceptable...mainly the idea that window of my first floor room does not lock. At that point, Norma walked to my room with me to see what I was explaining.

On the walk back to the room, I once again witnessed the tall man in camouflage letting himself into a third room.

Once reaching my room with Norma, I first questioned who that man was, letting himself into rooms without even knocking. Norma informed me that he was an employee and "was doing work". Employee or not, was not acceptable to me and left me more concerned now about safety.

In pointing out each of the cleanliness issues throughout the room to Norma, she had an excuse and explanation for each. First of which her challenging me for the fact that I had undone the corner of each bed to check for bedbugs. She informed me that they do not have bedbugs and appeared offended that I even checked. I told her that I came across the crud in the sink when going to wash my hands. She then challenged the dried up crud because I had washed my hands. I showed the bathroom issues, Norma squatted down and tried to tell me that the spots on the tile were "damage and permanent" and do not come she wiped one off with her finger and then basically said that had not just taken place. I invited her to move around the particles that were loose all over both the tile and carpet and she did not, yet continued to assure me that the room had been vacuumed.

I lastly explained to her about the window that I was opening to air out the over abundance of airfreshener that had been sprayed in there. Naturally her rebuttal to the window not locking was "Nothing ever happens here!" While at the window, I pointed out all the dog hair and grime that was on the window ledge, the ledge that was blocked by a watermark stained curtain. Norma's response to the ledge was "it snows here!". I'm still trying to understand the relevancy to that, seeing as it also snows in Romeoville—which I drove from—yet never seen window ledges so filthy.

Finally, Norma offered at that point that she could refund me and I could leave or she could put me in a "better" room the next morning after others checked out at 11a. I told her I was going to figure out my next move and let her know. I wasn't crazy about the idea of turning around and driving the distance I just came especially now with the sun down and the possibility of slick roads and ice as the temperature had dropped below freezing.

Norma left, I turned on the TV, made a phone call to help with my decision. Noticed at that time, the only working channel on the TV was WLS as every other channel was a frozen screen.

It was moments later that I made the choice to check out and be refunded. As I mentioned earlier, I could have taken it upon myself to clean my room and make it acceptable. But the idea that my intent for the night was to crate my dog then head to the fest, I did not feel safe leaving my dog in the room without me due to a man letting himself in and out of the rooms and a window that does not lock. I was not taking a chance of something happening to my dog. So that being the issue, it made that evening's stay entirely pointless.

As I was heading to the front desk, a man came to my door with a "Do Not Disturb" sign and a suggestion for securing my window. At this point, their assistance was too little, too late.

I went and spoke to Norma and informed her of my decision and she said she would credit me the $94.37 that had been charged to my MasterCard.

I took the cart to my room and packed up. I was out loading my car and on my way shortly after.

On Monday, February 4th I checked my Capital One app looking at activity on my card. Listed in the activity, there was a charge of $74.37 by Super 8 dated Sunday, February 3rd. I immediately called Super 8, was told Norma was not in and to call back after 1p. I called back shortly after 1p, spoke to Norma and explained the additional charge to her. At this point she immediately challenged me and told me that all charges were reversed and that she did not make an additional charge on the 3rd. I tried to explain what I was seeing on my app, Norma repeatedly spoke over me, resulting in me speaking louder. She then told me that...
-she reversed all charges
-I should know my balance
-she was crediting out of her money
-I am rude
-she doesn't have to deal with me
...and then hung up on me.

Needless to say I am now in the process of disputing this charge with Capital One, after spending over thirty minutes jumping through hoops. All of this time and aggravation is unacceptable and should not be occurring! Not to mention the poor and insulting treatment I received from Norma between her challenging my every complaint and her behavior on the phone.

It is unfortunate that mine and my friend's weekend was cancelled due to the lowsey accommodations this Super 8 provides. This is an annual event for she and I and with the price being right of this hotel, had it been a good experience, this very well could have been our regular destination for that weekend each year.

This location set a precedence for me with the Super 8 name. And really needs to be looked into. As well as Norma needs to brush up on her Customer Service skills. Challenging and spewing excuses for each complaint does not placate an angry customer. She is rude and unprofessional and the February 4th conversation confirms it.

Feb 5, 2019

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