Super 8 Motelscam charges

I stayed at the motel at the 5-6 of September 2008, but they only charged my credit card at January 2009. The order was made at their website, and when I arrived they signed me on a registration form stating that the room rates are 59$ + taxes for the 5th of september, and 89$ + taxes for the 6th, with a total estimated amount of 170.24$.

When they finally charged my credit card (as stated above) the amount was 215.44$, and when I asked for clarifications they sent me the form I signed and a detailed "folio" where the room rate for the 6th of september was 129$ instead of 89$.

I should mention that when I left the motel and asked if I need to sign anything, they told me that every thing is according to what we agreed, and never mentioned that they decided to overcharge me for the second night.
Because of the fact that at the registration form the word "estimated" was mentioned, my credit card company doesn't agree to give me back the difference between the stated room rate and the final one.


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