Super 8 Motelthe man scares me!

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I had made reservations online for June 28th, 2006.This was the first day of our vacation-we were on our way to a family reunion that had been 2 years in the making.We checked in and went to our room.It was approx. 8:30. We were not impressed with the room but the rate was good.They had a worn recliner in there that was a bit wobbly so I sat in very carefully to make sure it worked.It seemed to be o.k. I then got up for some reason and when I went back to sit on it ,it totally open up on me and we went backwards. I hit quite hard jarring my neck and back. I have a metal plate in my neck from a herniated disc so I am always very careful.I was sore when I got up but I was more angry.To put a broken recliner in a room where some one could get seriously hurt is just asking for a lawsuit to happen!! I went down to complain. I'm sorry to say I took it out at first on the employee but later apoligised.He dialed the owner and put me on the phone.I told him what had happened in his "### ###" recliner and said if I end up with neck or back problems I would sue.The owner was very nice,he was sorry and that the chair had been broken by previous renters.I said that he should have removed it before someone else rented the room.He agreed and said he would move us to another room and upon my asking,refunded the cost for the night.I then handed the phone to the employee and told him to keep record of what happened this evening incase the soreness I was feeling ended up to be more.

When I returned to the room I told my husband what we had discussed and he told me I should have gotten something in writing since they could get rid of the chair and get convenient amnesia.I did not want to go back down there so I told him to go.When he walked to the desk the employee was again talking to the owner and he said "that lady's husband wants to talk to you".My husband got on the phone and -nicely- asked if we could get something in writing.The owner went beserk! Something was said about us coming to his f---ing town and to his f---ing get the f--- out of his hotel and last but not least he was on his way there and him and my husband were going to "dance".My husband threw the phone to the employee and said he was calling the police.

Which my husband did when he returned to the room.And because this was all over my falling,the fire dept. came along with an ambulance and then an officer.I was so embarrassed that they all had to come when I was just sore from the fall.I had to explain everything to each person that came and that I really did not see that I needed their help at this moment.I was hoping that it would be gone by morning plus we were on our way to a family reunion.I also had a pet along.The owner came into the room while I was explaining and after a while identified himself.I asked why he thought it was necessary to "dance" with my husband and he of course denied everything.He said my husband was the one using foul language. My husband never even had a chance to say anything to the man and the only foul language was used by me in my discription of his recliner.My husband and the owner stepped in the hallway with the officer and the man just kept on lying about the whole incident.So finally since nothing was getting resolved we packed our bags and left.

Now, one would think that it would end there but it doesn't.The owner followed us from the hotel and when we stopped at another motel he sat there in his car watching us.We decided not to stay there and left but making sure we got behind him.We followed him a bit til he turned off on some road and then went in the opposite direction.We finally found a room about 10 pm.I could hardly sleep because I thought the owner would find us and only God knows what!

I was very happy to be on our way the next day and out of that town.

I have called in to Super 8 and complained.They said they would contact me with in 7 days.It is now July 18th and I have not heard from them.I also emailed the owner and ceo of the company that owns Super 8 and have not heard back. But it was through thier investor email since it's impossible to reach him directly.But it went through Cendant Co. and his attn.

I have had an X-ray and right now I believe just inflamation is the problem.I feel that the owner of the Super 8 should pay for any medical expense's that should incur.BUT....The man scares me! We are only about 2.5 hours away and he has all our information.I would prefer not dealing with him but go through Super 8 headquarters.I really need help with this situation but not sure where to go with it.?????????

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    The manager was very rude and disrespectful also


  • Ju
    juliana carter Oct 07, 2007

    I stayed at Super 8 Motel in Cottonwood, AZ. I warn all visitors beware. There is a clerk from hell. I was placed in a room next door to an extremely loud guest next day. I asked for another room. I was put into a room with a broken television. I asked the clerk for another room. She said none was available and nothing could be done about the broken TV. Then I asked if I could receive a credit since I did not have TV. She said she offered my the room next door to the loud guest and that's all she could do. So I told her I will contact the management of the Super 8 Motel by letter. She said go ahead since she would tell me that I refuse to take the room she offered. After, she finally contacted the manager she called to apologized and said she would give me a credit of 10%. It should not have been necessary to call the manager she should have known better than to treat a paying guest this way.

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  • Sc
    Scott Weber Feb 04, 2008

    Most Super 8 Motels do not allow there employees to give discounts! It's not the employee's fault. Stay some where a bit nicer next time! The discount thing goes for most ghetto hotels, Super 8, Red Roof Inn, Intown Suites, Extended Stay, Fairfield inns, etc...

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  • Wa
    Warren W. Harris Apr 30, 2011

    This motel doubles their prices when there is a car show in the area.
    I had stayed there once a week in my travels back and forth to the northeast in the past couple months.
    They feel no loyalty to their regular customers and think nothing of doubling the price of their rooms.
    This is a cheap motel that happens to have truck parking. I will be staying elsewhere from here on.

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  • An
    Anthony Giustina Jun 24, 2011

    I reserved a room for 14 days and had to check out after 5 due to an emergency. Only at check out I realized that I would not get a refund. Now since I can't get a refund, I asked for the room I paid for back. They refused. Do not use this motel, they are an absolute rip off! On top of that there breakfast was horrible. Although the bread and pastries were covered, with glass, the case was full of flies. I saw the receptionist shoo out the flies and cover it back up. Also an added bonus, the A/C blows out warm air. DO NOT GO HERE, it is not a clean motel and you will get ripped off!

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  • Cu
    cuubins Jul 12, 2011

    I was denied a room unpon arrival at the Super 8 Motel in Grand Junction, Colorado. Many rooms were in fact available and full standard identification was provided even including a Super 8 Rewards Club member card and an AAA Member card. All normal and usual methods of payment were offered including credit cards and travelers checks. The desk clerk however refused to provide a room and refused to provide a reason for this action.

    Multiple formal written complaints have been made to both Super 8 management and to the franchise owner, the Feeley Family Limited Partnership. Both the company and the owner have refused to provide any reason for their action, have refused to provide location information for witnesses to the incident, and have refused to provide any information on the results of the internal investigations they claim to have undertaken. They have completely stonewalled and have not made any good faith effort at a just resolution of the case.

    I have concluded that after many months of unsuccessful efforts to obtain just treatment, that only formal complaints will cause this motel company to respond properly and justly to my complaint. Since they have refused to provide the requested reason for their refusal to provide a room to me, it must be concluded that their denial was based on what I believe to be unlawful and and improper discriminatory factors. There is simply no other plausible reason for their denial of a room to me.

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  • In
    intellex58 Jul 12, 2011

    Here is a reason, you seem like a jackass and they did not want to deal with you. As a private business on private property they are allowed to make such decisions, sleep someplace else.

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  • Sh
    Sherrill Ress Jun 07, 2012

    My husband and I stayed at a super 8 in Iowa falls Iowa. When I woke up I had small red marks on me and they itched. I then found dog hair in the bed I slept in. I thought it was flees. I finally went to the Dr. and found out I got scabies from sleeping in that bed. The manager was very rude to my husband. She said she would give us half our money back. She never did. We stayed there over memorial weekend. We stayed only 1 night.

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  • Gr
    Grace Rideout Aug 21, 2012

    Recently I stayed in Super 8 “hotel”. It was the most awful place I have ever been for. There was too little place in the room. The price was too high for this service. Talking about breakfast it was so bad that I we decided to eat outdoors. Never stay in this hotel!

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  • Ra
    RarelyComplain May 05, 2013

    People don't get scabies from dogs. Humans get scabies from other people. First place to investigate is who your husband has been bedding down with. If out of sight for 45 minutes or more in the past 2 months, , it isn't out of the question. Just sayin.

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  • Da
    DaleM53 May 14, 2013

    On Saturday 5/11/2013 we arrived at Clarinda Iowa super 8 for our week long vacation. They had given our room away and had no apology. As a matter of fact they said it was our fault. When we made our reservation the lady on the phone said that we didn't have to give our credit card number since we would be staying for a week. They say their policy is you have to give your credit card. No manager was on duty nor could we speak to her. Even after explaining that our email said we must cancel 24hrs in advance (and we didn't). Our email said nothing about had to tell them we would be there. They clerk on duty would just say its our policy to give away rooms at 6pm. I asked her if she knew how it felt to drive 1200 miles( its really 1600) to find out you have no room. The next day still could not speak to a manager. Called the corporate office 1-800-454-3213 and they wanted to give me a 30 dollar gift certificate. Than what that turned out to be was they were trying to charge me with a membership. To this day we have had no apology nor phone back. Its 5/14/2013. They don't even care but they will sell you a membership and give you a gift certificate. Everyone look at complaints for super 8 before you get a room. THEY DON"T CARE

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  • La
    Labeepath Dec 06, 2013

    The Manager at this motel, is the worst, she has a serious personality problem. At present their are a group of men who is working on the railroad staying here, and she sits and have conversations with them for lengthy period, not doing her job. She does not even check the rooms to see if the cleaners are even doing a good job, and for most parts, they are not. The microwave in the breakfast area is always dirty, you are not lucky if you get coffee and the fruit is rotten for most part. I am sorry, but I am completely turned off .

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  • Jo
    Joab Kunin Sep 25, 2015

    Bad time at Savannah, Georgia
    Bait and switch on rates
    Desk light strange couldn't get it to work at night to do work
    In morning spigot shoots off pipe in shower bruised grandmaws leg.
    Hot breakfast a joke. just bisquits and gravy and wafle no eggs meat or anything except toast and cod cereal and juice.

    Tried to call to make complaint bad numbers endless ads 40 minutes wasted on phone no immediate help out there

    Its tied into that Wyndam ponzi like scam as far as i see. all glitz and hype run away from super 8 and wyndham

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  • We
    Wendy44 Jul 22, 2016

    Checked in to the Motel, no one was in the Motel, and we were given a room in the back of the hotel by the pool. The pool was filthy and it looked as if it had not been cleaned in months. We were in room 227, when we got ready to get comfortable I pulled back the sheet and the comforter only to find a ball of feces on the comforter and sheet. I was so upset I called down to the front desk and asked them to come to the room, I had to call them 3 times in order for someone to come to the room and when they got there they were really unconcerned about the whole matter. They offered to give me another room. I decided to give them another chance to resolve my situation and they then relocated me down to another room and as soon as they opened the door to the room all I could smell was bug spray fumes, we didn't even go in the room and the smell was in our cloths. At that point I decided to leave the motel and ask for my money back. I was given a refund. I just want to say that the Franchise need to pay this particular Motel a pop up visit. They are giving a bad name to the Motel.My family has always stayed at Super 8 and to go to one that was in such disrepair was sad. I really hope that someone can go and check the place out. Don't tell them that your coming but pop up They really need to do better than what they are doing.

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  • Ha
    hadanuff Jul 22, 2016

    if you were in this country legal this would have never happened

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  • In
    intellex58 Jul 22, 2016

    Not the American Dream you envisioned when you ran through the dessert illegally.

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  • Fr
    Fred314 Jul 22, 2016

    At a low rent motel there is normally one person on the desk. That is the whole staff. If they go to a room, nobody answers the phone. Could be the poorly paid housekeepers sabotaged the room before they quit. The local health department can inspect and close a motel that isn't maintaining standards.

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  • Su
    super 8 motel Jul 22, 2016


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  • Ri
    Richard A Jul 22, 2016

    Do NOT stay at this motel!

    The proprietor of this hotel is a well-known rip-off artist. If you attempt to apply a legitimate discount to your room rate, even if you've booked it online in advance, there is always a "problem" with it and he refuses to honor the rate. This has happened to me and family members on multiple occasions. We finally got fed up with it and realized he was reporting the low rate and then pocketing the difference. Super 8 Customer Service does absolutely nothing about it...nothing! They apparently don't care that this guy is sullying their chain's name. My advice is to not patronize ANY Super 8 motel. But for God's sake, stay away from this one!

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  • Ic
    I. Contreras May 12, 2018

    I dabble TV Commercial of parents showing their little girl going potty by the car in full view of passing cars. This is the worst commercial I have ever seen on TV. This is in very poor taste. I would like to have it removed from the T V viewers eyes. How can a parent allow their child to be in this commercial.
    I. Contreras, CA

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  • Sd
    SDaub Aug 14, 2018

    I have recently stayed at the super 8 in fort St. John BC numerous times and I am floored by the housekeeping. When I visited my husband who stays there all the time for work purposes I actually cleaned the stove and toilet myself. I have never seen anything like this. When I got my own room it was just as bad. You will see by the pictures

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  • Si
    Sierrah Treadway Aug 15, 2018

    The receptionist was rude. Said could not take food in to rooms. A male worker actually unlocked and walked in to my sister's and I room. Did not knock. Check out time is 11, he came at 8. Very rude people. Do not feel comfortable or safe here at all. please do something about this so it doesn't happen to anyone else

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  • Tb
    tbultt Aug 20, 2018

    Ashtrays are next to the front entrance. One on each side and ten people smoking so we left . In Bedford indiana

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  • Br
    Brittany2008 Aug 20, 2018

    My step mm books me a room through and I don't understand...we paid for today and tomorrow why won't they let me in my room

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  • Ze
    Zelda1 Aug 20, 2018

    I placed a reservation at your Cape Girardeau MO super 8. I had a wreck on my way to the location never even made it to the hotel and still got charged for staying. And the manager there Dennis said I can't get a refund due to policy. I'm very furious about this because me and my family where in a wreck and never made it to the hotel.

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  • Pi
    PISSED101 Aug 20, 2018

    Unbelievable that my wife had 3 service dogs. And they charged her $100. Sink almost detached from wall in bathroom. NO COLD WATER AT ALL. SHOWER HEAD IS MADE FOR A SHORT PERSON. MY wife is handicapped and she bitc about it.

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  • Ar
    Arline g Aug 21, 2018

    I have booked my stay several times on line and have gotten charged differently then what I booked for also we have not gotten all of our discounts and the computers have been down both times am asking for a min of two night stay to accommodate for the inconvenience that this has put on me and my family...thank you ..

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  • St
    stjohn83 Aug 21, 2018

    You better have someone contact me stat!!

    I have been so sick after staying in the most disgusting super 8. Look at the mold in the microwave, the room was so filthy!

    I want a refund.

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  • Do
    Donald Whitley Aug 21, 2018

    booked a room at the Chandler location when I walked into the room I pulled back the covers and there was hair on the bed I notified the clerk and was placed in another room I pulled back the covers and it had dried blood and other kind of stains all over the bed I notified the clerk and told her that I want my money back is truly unsanitary !!!

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  • Ju
    Justin D Gwops Aug 28, 2018

    I was smoking a cigar in a smoking room and the guy from the front desk said I was smoking weed and he said I have to give him $200 cash if I want to stay and I said no so he said I have to leave and I said okay and he said he's taking my $150 deposit also
    Phone number 4373705050

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  • Ro
    Ronald Robichaud Sep 02, 2018

    I had to check out because of bed bugs. I was bit all over my body and I'm not impressed.

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  • La
    LaMont1976 Sep 05, 2018

    On November 10-11 2017 my stay at the Hardin, MT Super 8

    The WIFI only worked by the door to my room.

    The Cable TV Not clear, some channels had lines running thru the screen.

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  • La
    Ladewig Sep 10, 2018

    No a.c.
    No guest use fans
    No room move
    Front desk guy came to room and looked at the a.c. said nothing he could do. Well ya you don't know anything about hvac systems didnt bring any tools and you work front desk. I could have told him that
    Would not recommend any one to stay at the super 8 in Front Royal VA
    Horrible service

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  • La
    Larry Thompson Sep 10, 2018

    We stayed two nights at the Council Bluffs Iowa Super 8 9/1 and 9/2. We recieved no room service for the second night at all. The refrigator was so noisy we had to unplug it and the air conditioner was also noisy and did not cool well. The room was moderately clean but not really up to expection.

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  • La
    lakeerah Sep 10, 2018

    The hotel I had bad trouble with bedbugs I wasn't aware of it when I stayed the night. I stayed the night on 3nd to the 3rd paying cash and on the 3rd to the 5th. I paid thru they refund the money back but super 8 didn't. they accused me of bringing bedbugs.The night I stayed with hotels .com the reservation number is 140402079141

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  • Kj
    Kjones12 Sep 18, 2018

    I stayed at super 8 in Shelby North Carolina and was ate up by bed bugs. I went on google and saw that previous guest have posted about this and management had done nothing. I've attached pictures of the bites. Was in town for work. Awful experience.

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  • Ha
    Harold Guinn Sep 18, 2018

    I reserved rooms for 8/26 8/27 on hotel .com my meetings were moved to 8/19, 8/20 front desk refused to give me the online rate which was fine he assured me that the reservation would be cancelled for the week of 26, 27 I got charged for both weekends the manager refuses to refund me the money

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  • Am
    Amberb31 Sep 18, 2018

    Leaking water from the room next door was also flooding my room

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  • Le
    Leeeeee Sep 18, 2018

    Roaches and bed bugs have been seen everywhere in my hotel room and the air hardly works smh if I don't get a refund or a free night stay in a better room there are gonna be problems this is disgusting and unhealthy

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  • Ta
    Tam Barkey Oct 15, 2018

    Wow August 3 Rd. Cleaned room, cleaned up dog poop, strip bed scrub floors cleaned toilet. They booted me out saying they was completely booked. Leaving on the 28 th for NC. NO NOTICE AHEAD . I THINK IT'S IGNORANT BOOTING A HANDICAP OUT WITH NO LEG ON. Went online to book a room & they was not booked. spread word aroundsuper 8 in Newark De

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  • St
    Stephanie314 Oct 21, 2018

    I need someone to contact me ASAP about this matter [email protected] this matter is very serious and needs to be taken care of I have left my email to contact me

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