Sunwing Travel Group / vacation stay at thea royalton blue waters resort in montego bay jamaica

I am writing to voice my concerns about the services my husband and I received while vacationing at the Royalton Blue Waters Resort in Jamaica. We arrived On Saturday July 21, 2018. Upon arriving, the resort was dealing with power outages. Due to this sporadically going on throughout the days and nights, we had no air condition, no water, or hot water when the was water was working in our room. There was no air conditioning in the dining facility due to the electric constantly going out. Every time we complained to the staff about this they would tell us they will look into this matter. We have visited other Royalton's resort in the past and haven't had an experience like this before. We dealt with very rude and slow staff service, power outages, subpar food, and the elevator inoperable most of the time during our stay. One night there was a complete black out at the resort and guest were walking around using their cellphone lights to maneuver back to their rooms. When we were in doors we were miserable, hot and sweaty due to the air conditioner not functioning properly. This is completely unacceptable for a 5 star resort to have their paying guest vacation under these conditions. We paid a lot of money for our vacation and didn't expected to have such a poor experience at this resort. I think we are entitled to some kind of credit/compensation for the inconvenience my husband and I encountered during our 6 days stay at Royalton Blue Waters Resort. We had such an amazing experience at the Royalton in Cancun, Mexico that we invited my sister and my brother in law to join us in Jamaica which turned out to be such an embarrassment and bad experience. We will not be recommending any Royalton resorts to anyone in the future and we will not be giving Royalton our business again. I will end this with that Neo and Eric who were our butlers went above and beyond to try and make our stay at the Royalton and more pleasant one giving the circumstances. They are without a doubt two of Royalton Blue Waters Crown Jewels. They are well deserving of a raise, promotion, or whatever is given for the hard work, courtesy, and professionalism that was extended to my husband and I.

Daniel Carter

Aug 03, 2018

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