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Sunwing Travel Group / theft while on vacation in a sunwing resort royalton punta cana dominican

1 Canada
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We flew to Punta Cana On December 3rd, 2017 Flight WG436 arrival in Punta Cana PIJJ Sunday December 3rd, 2017 at 2:30 pm. Booking number [protected] Agency: Expedia Cruiseshipcenters Kitchener [protected]. We Stayed at the Hideaway Royalton Punta Cana upgraded from 7-9 days and the room type was the top of the line Diamond Club Luxury Swim-out room all inclusive. We added The Worry Free Vacation Security Plan, Policy number SW[protected]. We also upgraded to choose our seat selection when we booked the trip. Upon arrival to the Punta Cana airport we charged 10.00 USD each to enter Punta Cana, and a 20.00 USD charge each to leave Punta Cana. On the payment summary of our itinerary we were charged 44.40 CND for CAB airport departure tax, Airport Authority Fee tax, and Airport Infrastructure Fee. We upgraded on everything because we wanted a perfect vacation.
Part of the upgrade included a butler, early check in, late check out, premium liquor, adult only, all inclusive five star resort.
We were assured this was top of the line resort, and our experience would include all the bells and whistles and a worry free holiday.
We arrived on Sunday, the hotel staff brought us to the diamond club lounge for us to wait until our luggage was sent to our pre-booked room.
We were not assigned a butler until Wednesday, December 6, 2017.
Monday, December 4, 2017 we arrived back to our room to find our SAFE broken into, the door completely open with no digital display on the read out. I had my $500.00 swarovski necklace stolen and half of our USD money and half of our CND money stolen. We had only been there for less 48 hours, I know how much money was stolen, 150.00 USD and 100.00 CND. That's doesn't sound like a lot of money, but the fact is, our room was broken into and we were violated. I called the customer service desk and told them that the safe was broken into and I needed someone to fix it. Mitch went out to find a security guard, he found one, and said to him, great our room has been robbed and we need you to help. The security guard kept walking. On Tuesday morning, December 5, 2017 a man came from the security department to recalibrate the safe. I spoke with Alex who said he was the conserve about the theft and he said he would let security know. We took a picture of everything that we put back in the safe as proof, if someone was dumb enough to break into our room again.
The security manager, said he was going to start an investigation.
That night, December 5, 2017 we came back to our room, and the balcony slider door was open. This time I wasn't calm cool and collected. The first time was scary because were violated but the second time in two days was a violation of my vacation time and my trust in the security of the resort.
I called the police in Punta Cana and let the phone ring for at least 30 minutes and no answered. I called the SUNWING emergency line to report the two incidences, and to ask her to call the police because I couldn't get through to the police station. She tried for a good 15 minutes, I asked her to record our conversation to show that I contacted SUNWING emergency. I sent an email to my travel agent in Kitchener, with details of the events, and she advised to contact my SUNWING representative at the resort to have this violation looked into. Keep in mind we flew with SUNWING, booked with SUNWING and the resort is owned by SUNWING. Mitch again went outside the room to look for a security guard, he found one, asked for his help, and the security guard kept walking. I called the front desk and let them know that our room was broken into, I was asked if I was going to call the police, I replied that I had, and suddenly we were disconnected, and when I called back to the front desk, no one answered.
The next day I called security regarding the slider doors, a security employee came to the interior door, I let him into the room, and he proceeded to show me how to lock the door, and to show that you couldn't pull the door open. I could see that he was going to be no help. I asked for a broom handle to put across the bottom of the sliders to ensure that no one could enter again. I called security again, and the security manager arrived with another security guard, they proceeded to show me that the door did indeed lock. The problem isn't that the door didn't lock the problem was that its very easy to enter the sliders, I showed him, you could push on the window and it separates from the frame, and a small gadget could easily slide through the opening and lift up the door handle. I asked the security manager for a broom handled. He looked at me like he didn't understand, so I went to my translation app on my phone, wrote it in English, and it translation in spoken English; I would like a broom handle to put on the bottom of the sliders for security. Nothing was done about that. We just started putting the coffee table by the sliders so that no one could enter.
We have all these people knocking on our doors, and asking questions, everyone nodding their heads like their care, but nothing gets done.
We were on vacation, I wanted to go outside and enjoy my time in the sun. All in all the entire investigation lasted three days, and nothing changed, we were no compensated. It was if, they were in agreement that we were liars and making everything up.
I spoke with a lady Customer service manager, apparently she was the CSM of the hideaway, I think her name was Louise. She spoke English very well, I advised her of the security guards that did not help, the CS desk was unavailable, the police did not answer their phones. Clearly this must be an internal issue and you need to handle this and make it right.
This was not an inexpensive vacation, we upgraded on everything to ensure our 100% enjoyment.
Louise, CSM of the Hideaway asked if we would like to change our room, and I said we our in the best room possible where can you put us that is better then this. I asked if their was an ocean view room, and she was going to look into for us. That never happened.
We had a few strange calls from the CS desk, one stating that the housekeeper found the safe open, and had security close it for us. That's definitely not true, because the safe was open with no digital display, which needed to be recalibrated.
My travel rep in Kitchener, advised that I needed to speak with the SUNWING rep at the resort to have this resolved.
We booked an appointment, with the SUNWING rep, who has only been there for a few months, he listened politely, nodded his head a lot, again, I felt like we were the ones that were defending ourselves, and I felt as if everyone believed that we were liars about the situation.
I suggested an additional three days stay, at SUNWINGS expense as all the meetings and time spent explaining the same thing over and over, took about three days. I suggested 500.00 USD per night for the additional three days, in the upgraded room. Remember SUNWING owns the hotel. My suggestion was completely not taken seriously. The rep said it would cost 4, 000 USD to stay an extra three days, because the room was the best room in the resort and we would have to pay for an additional flight. We said that was ridiculous because our nine day fully upgraded trip was 4890.00 CAD. I could see that nothing was going to be done while on vacation, and it would have to wait until we arrived home.
I have a copy of the emails sent to my travel rep, please contact me by email for details,
We left on Tuesday evening, Flight WG442, December 12, 2017 arrived in Toronto 1:55 am December 13, 2017.
We were polite to the staff, and polite during the investigation, the entire country relies on customer service and tourists to make their money. You would think that someone would have stepped up to the plate and took care of this situation at the time of the vacation.
I am very upset that my very expensive vacation had such a devastating event attached to it. Violated not once but twice, and hung out to dry by management and SUNWING.
After the SUNWING rep did nothing to make this right, we started talking to everyone we met about the theft.
I met a few employees from the resort that were very friendly and I added them to facebook. Much to my surprise, on Wednesday December 13, one of the staff that I had added to my facebook, posted a picture of her and another waitress that works at the ROYALTON, and low and behold, she had my necklace on!!! I have a screen shot of the picture with my necklace, and I have a picture of me with my necklace as proof.
I am asking for a full refund of my trip 4890.00 CAN, and I can provide a receipt for my necklace of almost 500.00 to be replaced and the 150.00USD and 100.00 CAD money to be replaced.
I will continue to expose this violation until I am compensated. There is tripadvisor, Facebook, Twitter, many other social media platforms, local TV station and local radio stations. As I have proof of the stolen necklace, this is a newsworthy story.
Please feel contact me as soon as possible to resolve this issue.
Simone Bixby

Dec 28, 2017

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