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Sunwing's "direct" flight from Winnipeg to Varadero now involves a stop in Thunder bay. This adds at least two hours to the trip. And you are forced to sit in your seats for an hour while they board. I believe Sunwing should bring back its non stop flights. There are only a few people in Thunder bay getting on. They get the convenience of a non stop 4 hour flight while the majority of it customers flying out of Winnipeg are being very much inconvenienced.

I paid for the premium upgrade for the sole purpose of having priority boarding as check in can take over an hour of standing in line. No problem in Winnipeg but in Varadero they only have the regular check in and a ultimate premium check in. When I went to that agent she said you are in the wrong line. This is for ultimate premium only lol. I said fine just direct to the priority check in as I have a premium upgrade. She just shrugged and checked me in anyway. This happens all the time and Sunwing is doing nothing to train these people properly.

Nov 16, 2017

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