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Sunwing Travel Group / missed sunwing flight wg541 on nov 21, 2017

1 Canada
Contact information:

From: Emilia Kovacs
Sent: November 21, 2017 12:06 PM
Subject: Missed sunwing flight WG541 on Nov 21, 2017

Hello Sunwing,

My name is Emilia and Id like to start of by saying I have been a loyal Sunwing Customer until today. We have taken flights maby times to Cuba, Mexico, the Dominican and other parts of the Caribbean and each time we have had a great experience with both the flight and the all inclusive vacations we enjoyed.

Today though was a very different experience while we waited to board our flight to Huatalco Mexico from Toronto.

We got to the airport just after 8 am using the parknfly shuttle. We attempted to check in through the online kiosk and after the first attempt that didnt work, we asked the furst sunwing representative to direct us to the que line for Huatalco.

She told us that the massive line ahead of us is where we need to be. Without issue, we stood in line and kept moving at a slow pace. At around 830 we got close to a gate entrance and we asked a second sunwing representative ti assure us we are in the right line as it is now 830 am and our flight leaves in an hour. The representative at first pulled us to the side, then after waving us in, said, no theres still enough time and we can get back in the line.
At around 855 am we asked the third and final sunwing representative (after we heard others were called for Cancun to bypass the line) to direct is to huatalco.
He pulled us to the side, called someone over the phone thenat 9:02am td us theres nothing he can do, the boarding has been finished and we need to call ourselves to book a flight. I asked to speak to a supervisor as we were very upset about how we were misdirected. After we spome to the supervisor, who was disrespectful and condescending and didnt listen to what we were saying and blamed us for staying in the line, we argued for over 10 inutes until he finally he agreed to call over the site manager but refused to make an attempt to call or board us even though there was 30 minutes left from departure.
After the site manager was called, we explained our circumstances to him yet another time. He attempted to call the plane and was informed nothing can be done as the plane is too close to leaving.

The site manager didnt apologize, he also insisted that thetes a system in place whete his staff go around the lines and call out the names of the cities that are boarding nextand pull peoe from the main line out that way. He also stated that we must have missed the calls ti huatalco and thete was 3 calls, not by the PA system but by individual staff walking around the queue which was close to about 700 to 1000 people long.

We had no option but to call sunwing ask them to hd our tickets they couldnt rebook a new fligjt for us. Instead we got great help from Natasha at lastminutevacatio s who boomed us to a new flight to mexico city AM 0617 and to Huatalco and we will be arriving to Huatalco tomorrow at 948 am with air mexico flight AM 2550.

This is costing us an extra $1070 .

We then had to call sunwing back to reconfirm we are coming and not to lose our original hotel and return flight on Nov 28th toToronto.

Our booking confirmation number is [protected] it was supposed to be 8 glorious days of fun in the sun with direct flights between toronto an huatalco.

Instead because of the lack of a proper queuing system and very unsupportive and rude staff we lost a day, have to pay an extra $1070 for connecting flights and not a great start to a vacation.

I expect that Sunwing does better and compensate us fully for our extra cost and for the lost day from our vacation.

I also expect that our return flight on the 28th is without incident along with our hotel stay in Huatalco.

I can be reached by phone at [protected] or by reply to this email.

I will forward our ereceipt for the additional flight in a separate email.


A very dissatisifed Sunwing customer
Emilia Kovacs

Dec 28, 2017

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