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Laval, QC, Canada
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Good morning.
My name is Malisa and I traveled with Sunwing to Cayo Coco Cuba on August 6th to 13th 2017. Reference # is [protected] and Invoice # is 215A10081. I have quite a few complaints but I will only mention a few. After booking our trip I tried contacting 2 different travel agents via email and via telephone a few times with some simple questions that I had and never once did I hear back from either of them or have a courteous call or email back to me. So factually, once they received our payments for the trip they were done with me. Completely unacceptable in itself.
However my main reason for writing is because myself and my co traveler were both specifically told by our Sunwing agent to download the Sunwing App once arriving to Cuba so we can speak and connect with our families back at home for free. Well I trusted and listened to my travel agent and did exactly as I was told, only to my horror to find out that this App does not work in Cuba. I spoke with the Sunwing agent at the resort the following morning and he kindly informed us that this app works all around the world except for Cuba and that we should have never been instructed to download the app by our agent back at home. I received a $98.83 surcharge on my bell mobility account. Once we were in Cuba and I was trying to download the app I receive a text from Bell mobility stating that I had gone over my data and they started charging me already. Having no idea how much I will owe, I immediately turned off my phone and went in panic mode. I was not even on vacation for 24 hours and I was extremely stressed out about all the money I would need to pay when I would get back home. To connect with my family I now needed to use the hotel phone and call home at 3 dollars a minute each time. Needless to say this was not a very relaxing vacation. To some this may not seem like a lot of money however I needed to save up several months in advance to go away and try and disconnect for several personal reasons. This took a lot of planning. I obviously expect to be compensated financially 100% for my bell mobility bill and leave the extra and rest to your discretion to determine what the stress was worth. I have traveled with sunwing before and have actually recommended sunwing to several friends and co workers. Waiting to see how I will proceed in the future.
Thank you for your understanding and hoping to hear back from you shortly.
Thank you

Sep 27, 2017

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