SunTrustBank - Floridamgmt decisions nightmare for customers

I opened a checking account at Suntrust (in Summerfield Walmart, just outside of Leesburg) in May 2010 because of these same problems caused by my previous bank. On September 30, 2010 I received a letter containing my "new Mastercard Check Card", replacing the Visa Check Card I had received when I opened the account.

It has taken me over four months to clear up the mess my previous bank had left me in, and I had just gotten all my bills set up to be charged to my Suntrust Visa check card, and had breathed a sigh of relief. Now I am again faced with the same nightmare - notifying all my creditors to change my card number! Several of them do not even send me a statement, and I have no idea of their address, phone number, or email address! Because of this, I cannot have Suntrust send them a payment check (as Suntrust requires an address to send payments), and have elected to use my debit card to pay these people.

When I called Suntrust today, they apologized sincerely (local bank officials), but said there was nothing they could do - I would have to start this notification process all over again! I am still disputing late charges from the last time this happened to me!

I think this is the worst sort of customer service! They advertise a service, then cancel it without warning - and I'm just out of luck. Sun TRUST??? No more trust here. Suppose they decide to do this again in three or four months? I believe Suntrust should be responsible for notifying all my creditors of my new card number, or arrange to pay them by check - AND pay any late fees incurred because of their decision! Otherwise, I guess it's time for another new bank!

Brenda Stewart

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