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SunTrustBank / horrible customer service

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I have been with SunTrust bank for over 10 years now. I have been severely burned by the m in the past. They posted an $800 as $300 to my checking account and caused all my bill payments to get returned. My credit cards were all put on hold and my bank account was in the negative. Many calls to management and customer service left me with no answers. It took me about 2 weeks to get everything straightened out.

Recently I went to a branch to exchange $2, 000 into foreign currency. I went to pick up the currency and I was told that it would be deducted from my account. I went out of the country with my money and when I got back I noticed that the money was still in my checking account.

I went to the bank to ask what the problem was. The woman who helped me at the Arlington, VA branch was so rude and insulting to me, as if I was the person in the wrong. She accused me of intentionally overdrawing the account and using the bank's money to pay bills. When I showed her that I had deposited a check that would cover all the bills I paid (which had not even cleared yet) she had the nerve to ask me if the check was going to clear!

She then showed me the amount of money that was going to be deducted from my account. The total was $10 more than the original amount. When I told her this she became impatient with me and said that this is what they were supposed to charge and that the first time they probably made a mistake. At this point I was infuriated that I was bringing this bank error, which would cost them $2, 000 of their money and they had the nerve to take more money than they said they originally would. At this point I brought it to her attention that I was the one helping them out by bringing this to their attention and I had to take time out of my schedule to come to the bank to notify them. She then responded with "we would have found the error eventually." Unbelievable!

I thought I was doing a good thing by letting the bank know that they forgot to take money out of my account. Instead of being thanked for my time and apologizing for the inconvenience I was insulted and treated with great disrespect. The people at this bank have absolutely no respect for their customers.

I was considering taking out a mortgage with this bank but now that I have seen this behavior I will never enter into any sort of long term financial agreement with them. If they can't keep track of their money how are they going to take care of mine?

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  • Ju
      16th of Aug, 2009
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    Don't ever think of getting a mortgage through them... they have really nice representatives here but their company sucks. I applied for loan modification assistance 4 months ago telling them I needed help and now they have me in foreclosure status and also I am in the process of selling my home to be able to move on with my life and yet they cannot provide me with a payoff amount. I went to the local branch and talked to the branch manager who called them and told me that they would fax me a payoff within 48 hours well 2 days go by and still no payoff amt. I really shouldn't have to bring it out of forclosure to sell it as long as everything is paid in full. The house is apprasied at least $40k more than what is left of the mortgage. It's like a race to who sells the house first. Also I've talked to their forclosure atty. and they have told me that I don't need their permission to sell the house as long as it's paid in full.

    I went through my bank originally for the mortgage who then sold it to suntrust right after. Never again I will get another mortgage through this company.

  • Pi
      22nd of Sep, 2009
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    I'm pierre R Antoine. it isn't there a long time since I've the opportunity to open achecking with Suntrust bank. Recently I used made a transaction with my debit card to convenient store on wintergarden, florida. I made a debit purchase of $14.89 on 07/29/2009. Immediatelly I checked my account on line, the transaction was showing debit, two days after the same accnt shown pending. On the following days I received an unsufficient charges for $36.00. In addition an other $36.00 for extended overdraft. I felt very upset for unfair practices. I have those following which could have been paid prior the debit transaction of $14.89, but they pilled them in orther to penalize me for unsufficient fund. More over, in accounting system I never saw this kind of practices. After retrieving all of the information with my debtors, I realised that I had been penalized unfairly, so my account stiil figured a charge of $108.00. As up to day.I denied the $82.00 which is a result of bank unfair practices. I do acknoledged and agreed that extended overdraft fees need to be paid in other to bring the account current.Please let me know wether this issue can be resolve in friendly maner.

  • Ti
      17th of Dec, 2010
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    Well, i got another bit of news for you. Even if it's THEIR mistake, they don't even want to bother to be apologetic for it!
    We went to withdrawal some funds from our savings and put it into our checking account. There wasn't much money in the checking account, and we knew how much money we needed to pay off some bills with. So, we went down to the bank to withdrawal cash from our savings and deposited it into our checking account.
    At least that's what we thought was being done. Come to find out, almost a week alter, that one of the tellers that's been there for some time, didn't put our savings account number on the withdrawal ticket. They put the checking account number and instead, so we ended up withdrawing money we didn't even have in the account to start with.
    So, I go to check my checking account balance, and find out it's in the red, instead of having a positive balance, it's negative! I go to speak to the customer service person, and show them where the teller had even called my checking account, my savings account instead, & she was so aloof and uncaring they had even made a mistake in the first place!
    Her attitude was more like, well, everyone makes mistakes, though if I had made one, I'd be out of pocket several hundreds of dollars.
    The fact is, if I had not caught that they didn't even bother to subtract the amount I wanted out of my savings acct., instead of my checking, I wouldn't have known why my account was so low!

  • Ti
      17th of Dec, 2010
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    They treated me the exact same way. I had to wait for almost an hour, after finding out their bank teller had made a big error on my account.
    When I went in to get it all squared out, the customer service person didn't seem the least bit sympathetic, apologetic, or even respectful to me!
    They just said, "well, people do make mistakes, " like that was some kind of slimy excuse to deduct funds from the wrong account, and cause my account to go into the negative! I'm quite disgusted with this branch, but also this bank period. I've noticed the good & professional people who once worked for this bank, no longer do, and I'm wondering just why!
    I've also been treated quite rudely at several local branches and their interest rate on their savings account isn't squat! It's not even worth keeping your money in this bank to start with, but to add insult to injury, they are now not even being careful enough to be sure they handle their customers money correctly!
    Now reading all these comments makes me wonder if I want to continue to do business with this bank. To think this teller who made the error, had actually worked at this bank for years too, makes it even worse.

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