Suntan City London KYspraybooth malfunctioning / horrible customer services

The evening before Thanksgiving I went to suntan city to lay & spray I purchased a sample of lotion, primer and eye wear. I relaxed in the instant bed then moving onto my spray session The first spray was a stream of dark brown coloring on each side of my body resembling used motor oil and lots of it, I exited the booth as it continued covering the walls terribly The booth and myself looked horribly..See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in London, AR I called the front desk explaining what had just happened and asking for extra towels I was told she would be right back I stood with black gook rolling down my sides The phone rang and was advised to use the paper towels get dressed and come up front. I was then given a packet which was a disposable glove to wipe entire body. The coloring had already stained my skin and now my under clothes. The girls told me they put in the computer for a complimentary spray whenever I liked. Advised to use nail polish remover for the stain. I rushed home to shower

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    Hoping it would come off thinking a manager would contact me after the holiday but no one did so 6 days passing I called the store short story I was advised to bring the products back in for a refund stephanie was no manager and did not listen to me nor had my file pulled up .suntan city your slacking major in service management & maintain nuance. I WANT REFUNDED PLEASE !

Nov 28, 2018

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