Sui Northern Gas Pipelines [SNGPL]fraudulent documentation

To Whom it may Concern:

i have just consulted my Canadian lawyer who recommended that first I should e-mail you about this problem.
I wish to bring to your attention about your empoyee a Mr.Rana Ijaz Ahmad who has been employed by your company for many years. The credentials such as his education degree {No.2} he provided to the department are totally false.

Mr. Ijaz Rana has been accepting monetary payments from customers and business owners to provide a quicker service for them, and he pockets the said payments.
My lawyers and I have wondered how he has managed to amass so many material items, with him being the sole wage earner in his family.
This matter goes deeper as we have found out his brother works for the same department in Gulberg office, and steals the gas meters from storage in Gudam. where he then sells them to customers without the knowledge of the department.

Mr. Rana Iftakar Ahmed is currently involved in a lawsuit, where he and his brothers forged documents to acquire property illegally, and that is now in the courts.

I as their uncle, am truly disappointed in ther actions against a government department as well as our family. This needs to be brought to your attention as it sheds a poor light on Pakistan's ongoing democratic attempts to fight corruption.

We feel that these people should be prosecuted for these breaches of departmental policy.

Jamil M Rana

Dec 01, 2018

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