Suddenlink Communications / customer service chat representative yasmel

Chatted in on May 29, 2018 regarding internet issues. Was told by chat representative Yasmel that the chat option was only for cable issues, I knew this was untrue as I had chatted in previously and received wonderful help from an agent in the past. CSR repeatedly tried to get me to end the chat by telling me that she was unable to assist me over chat, there was a technical issue in their system, there was not a supervisor available, the only way to receive assistance for an internet issue was to call in. Told me also that there was no way I could speak to a supervisor without calling and there were no supervisors available. Every single thing I asked her she said I would need to call in. Felt that Yasmel did not want to assist me over chat with my internet issues and only wanted me off her chat. Every time I asked her a question all I was told was to contact customer service via the phones, she could not transfer me, could not let me speak to a supervisor or anything other than call in very very very poor customer service. Her direct manager is Joel Alcantara which is probably just a made up name so she could get me off her chat. Obviously she has better things to do than assist her customers. Chatted back in right after and spoke with another agent, I believe his name was Johnathan, he provided amazing customer service and surprise surprise was able to assist me over the chat program with my internet issue which according to Yasmel was not possible. Yasmel needs more training or to find another line of work, she was not cut out for helping customers, maybe she just wasn't ready to come back from her three day weekend. Either way she was terrible!

May 29, 2018

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