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My name is Reid Stordahl. My account number is [protected]. I paid my bill March 12, 2018 for the month of April. I again paid my bill April 24, 2018 for the month of May. On May 1, 2018 I got a phone call saying my account was delinquent. I told them I had paid my bill and the dates I paid. They told me to go to the office in town and show my bank statements to prove I had paid. On May 2, 2018 I went into the office with my bank statements. They were extremely rude. They said my bank statements weren't enough. So I went to my bank and got a proof of payment for both payments. I took it back to the office in town and the women who "helped" me was again rude. She told me that wouldn't be sufficient. My wife called on May 2, 2018 and spoke to a manager named Sean C out of the San Antonio Texas call center at 11:31am. He said to fax the bank statements and proof of payment papers to [protected]. He said he would call her back the next day and he never did. My wife called again on May 18, 2018 and spoke to a representative by the name of Clayton out of the Mobile Alabama call center at 11:22am. He said his manager told us to email our bank statements and proof of payment paperwork to [protected]@SUDDENLINK.COM. He said to also include my name, account number, date of payment, payment amount, how and where the money came from. I called a few days later and they said our account was fine and that we were good to go. I have now received a bill that is missing 1 payment and they are charging late fees. My wife and I have both tried to call today (May 24, 2018) and have not been able to speak to a representative. Now I have shown bank statements and proof of payment on 3 different occasions and this matter has still not been taken care of. I will pay what my bill should be for the month of June, which is $85.64. If my internet is shut off I will be contacting the FCC. I do hope to get this matter settled and quickly. I do also hope my account will be credited for the hassle this has caused me. I've had to miss work to go to the office. I have had to waste gas. My wife has had to waste time on multiple occasions with long phone calls to your call centers. If you have any questions you may call me at [removed] or my wife at [removed]. You may also email me at [protected] Thank-you.

May 24, 2018
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      Oct 31, 2018

    On October 25th, 2018 I went online to pay my suddenlink bill. I went through all the steps for making the payment but when I submitted the payment it gave me an error message. So I went to my bank account screen and it showed the payment of 123.27 pending to be deducted from my account. So I did not resubmit a payment and take a chance on the payment being taken out twice. As of today when I looked at the bank account I noticed that the suddenlink bill had not been deducted. I went to my suddenlink bill and it shows to still be due but now has a late fee added. I do not feel I should have to pay the late fee as it was not my fault and the circumstances where it did show that the bill was pending in my bank account. I have paid the 123.27 but will not pay the late fee. Thank you for you time in this matter. Henry and Bunny Housewright

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      Apr 30, 2019

    I keep getting past due amount shown on my bill. If you review my payment
    history from 1/4/2017 to the present you will see the amounts I submitted for
    payment, many times over and much above the bill. I want to know what you did
    with my moneys to cause a past due amount on my account now. I have spoken with
    Eric in billing and he cannot help me. I have a return call request submitted
    by him. I have my past bills and my receipts saved in my email folders. I can
    copy and send this if necessary. I am very unhappy as is my family. We have
    all been with suddenlink for years but this is unacceptable..

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      Apr 30, 2019


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