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Glasgow, KY, United States
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I have worked at Subway for over a month now and I have only missed one day of work, my daughter came down with strep throat and I had to miss yesterday as well, I was told by the school and the doctor that she wouldn't be able to return to school today. I was told that I would lose my job if i didn't come in today.
However when everyone left me alone in the store for 2 hours on a very busy day, no one came in to relieve me or help me work .
I don't agree with this, my boss informed me that she brought her son to work with her while he was running a fever and puking . I do not agree that you should bring a sick puking child to work with you especially when you work around the public and food.
I now have to worry that if i do not come into work today that I will lose my position as a sandwich artist because I do not agree with my bosses way of thinking. My children come first, period. I have worked my shifts and I do my job. So I have missed one day due to a funeral and one day because of my sick child.
I hope that someone will see this and speak to my boss, because it's not good enough coming from me.
I work at store 361 in glasgow, ky 42141

Nov 21, 2017

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