Structubeterrible customer service

Today I received call from Structube telling me that my order has been arrived, they leave a message and I call a few minutes after, when I called them, a lady answered, but she did not identify her self, no name, no thank for calling, just structube. I told her I was calling for my backorder she said immediately no one called me, interrupting me when a did not finished to let he know why I was calling, her voice sounds unhappy and no polite. I told her please let me finish, also I told her in Canada when some one is speaking the other side listen, to have proper communication, she tolls me she did no appreciate the why I was talking to her, when she was the one who was rude.

I am calling the manager of the store in this complain and asking what kind of training do you provide to the staff. in the other hand I have ordered this bed since middle of September, structube has been changed the 3 times the arrival date, and the store on 507 College St unit 1-8, Toronto, ON M6G 1AH Ontario Phone: [protected], I completely understand that that could be a manufacture problem, but will be nice that structube call their clients and let them know. This is telling me me that you do not care about your client just about your sells.

I think you furniture store can do better and show some respect for your clients.

Luis Flores de la Rosa ( check your system for more information

Nov 21, 2018

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