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Structube / lack of customer service/

1 South CommonEdmonton, Alberta, Canada
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I purchased a 'Eden' Sofa bed from STRUCTUBE on Nov 26, 2015 from the Edmonton South common store. It was back ordered and said it wouldn't arrive till the 15 of December. When I made the order I was assured by the store associate they would do everything to make it arrive before the December 26th. The date was important to me as I was planning a surprise for my husband for his birthday and I needed the couch. I let them know that and that why the reassurance. I called the store a few times to ensure it was on the way. On Monday the 14th 2015, I called the store and I spoke to Jay (or James) and he said "Don't worry, the Sofa is on the way on the 18th after 2 pm." So the Saturday 19th at 2:15pm I show up and Spoke to Jay (or James) again and he was confused why my couch wasn't there. He confirmed that he spoked to me on Monday and him and his crew looked around and of course nothing was there. He said that he couldn't do anything till Monday and again I reminded him how important this couch was. I had my uncle with his truck show up and a friend to help me move the couch. On Monday I called him at 10:30am, he said he just opened up the store and he made a call but hasn't heard anything back yet. At 12:30ish he called me back and said for some reason he couldn't get the couch till the 30th. He said it wasn't any fault of his own but something to do with when I went in the store to ordered it. I asked if I could get it from a different store or buy the floor model from him, they floor model said was broken and downtown wouldn't be able to do that. He said that I could think about it and see what I wanted to do was either cancel or wait till it came in. I was so upset, I had this big surprise on the 26th and two small kids and kicking my husband out of the house is not a easy measure.My dad told me to double check the downtown location and double check. So that day I called the downtown location and guess what they could sell me the floor model but I couldn't get a discount and I have to pick it up. I told them to put it on hold for me. So the Tuesday I went to the downtown location and picked up the couch. I explained to the lady what happened and she looked it up and said thats strange we had a 154 in stock. So I called the south common to cancel my order and they were like I have to come into the store. I told them please get a manager to call me because to go to any shopping area before christmas is a massive feat. The assistent manager called me (different guy) and his name is Jay (or James) I got them confused.I spoke to him and he had no clue or acted like it, what was happening to my order or why I was even cancelling it. I explained again what was going on and he had no idea. I told him I was contacting the head department to let them know the complete lack of customer service, the lying and the run around. He told me why it didn't show was when it was ordered they sent it to Montreal. I had to go to the store again that day (Dec 22) and get a refund, the assistent manager was sorry. The worst was December 30th they called and said my couch arrived. I was like I cancelled that, the lady was like oh yeah. I submitted a complaint Dec 28 2015 and have yet to resolve anything with them. When I have received anything from them it has been in French even though everything I have talked to them about has been in English. I can screen shoot if you want proof.

Jan 12, 2016

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