Structubecustomer service (company needs to invest in customer service)

C Jul 18, 2018

The customer service for this company is by far the worst I have ever dealt with. I bought a table online and when it arrived the box was mangled and the corners were damaged. It wasn't bad but still. What gets me even more is when I called customer service I spoke with Nathan - this guys is useless and not helpful whatsoever. I explained my issue and all I wanted in return was to either waive the delivery fee, or, give me a $80 gift card for some chairs that my wife wanted sop badly. He basically told me this was not possible. I asked to speak with a manager and he explained to me that this was also not possible.? I find this utterly sad that a company charges a delivery fee because they cannot delivery an item to one of its stores because of its "SIZE". Most Distribution centers deliver their products to their local stores (at no charge to the customer) which is understood right!!! I really hope their is some good QA control here and that someone is reading these complaints.

If their is a Manager out their please contact me


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