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Straight Talk Wireless / horrible company that lies and use your minutes and texts

1 IN, United States

I have been using a straight talk phone since January and up until now have had no problems but now, they are pissing me off!! A few weeks ago I was told that I would get a free halloween ringtone but when I went online to get it, it kept popping up that my phone hadn't been put into the system and I needed to call customer service. I called 4 different times over a 2 day period because NOBODY knows what they are doing with this company and all of them are idiots who kept saying problem solved when it wasn't. The only reason I kept calling again was because 1, I was assured my minutes were not getting used up and it was free to call them since they were customer service after all and 2, they kept telling me there was a problem with my phone that needed to be fixed. The 4th time I called I DEMANDED to talk to a supervisor and up till this point I had requested to but was always told that I was not allowed to. This time after over 45 minutes of waiting I got to finally talk to a supervisor and turns out all I had to do to fix all of these problems was to set up my online account, something the very first person should have been able to tell me!! So all in all I spent OVER 4 hours on the phone with straight talk being put on hold time after time, talking to idiots that had no idea what they were doing (some of which I could barely understand so that made it all the more frustrating), while not getting the help I needed!! But that is just issue #1.

About a week after I had called them I realized that they had not only taken the time I spent on the phone with them out of my minute usage, but they had also deducted more minutes that I hadn't even used. I was assured that my time on the phone with them was free and would not be taken out of my minute usage. They put me on hold time after time after time for over 4 hours so if I had known that they were taking my minutes for this I wouldn't have called in the first damn place! Now as I said I have used this phone provider since January and I have always bought the 1000 minute plan because I have NEVER even gotten close to using that. A few months ago we started using my cell phone as our home phone as well but we're not phone talkers and have still never gone over 500 minutes used. We do not use our phone much at all!! Since they are liars who say one thing and do another, I decided to write them an email instead of calling about the situation, since they would no doubt take the rest of my minutes away. I have sent 3 emails to this company explaining my problem and demanding they fix it and give me back my minutes. They have responded to two of my 3 emails and said "We would like to take this opportunity to apologize for any
inconvenience you may have experienced with this issue on accessing our
mobile web." I AM NOT HAVING PROBLEMS ACCESSING MOBILE WEB YOU STOLE MY MINUTES!!! So a few minutes ago I get a phone call from one of these idiots and when I told her I did not want to talk to her on the phone because they were using these minutes and that they needed to converse with me in emails only, she told me once again to call the 1800 number. When I said a big hell no to that because they haven't left me with many minutes left as is and I know they'll use the rest all up when I call she told me to go to a payphone to call and then hung up on me. I am FURIOUS!!

This company is so unprofessional. It makes me so angry how they said one thing and did another and now won't even fix the problem at hand without taking up more of my money and time. They need to get their stuff together and they need to do it quick. If they are going to use your minutes when you call they should tell you that up front so you can email. Not that email helps anything obviously!! They don't know the first thing about customer service and helping a customer, they don't know how to fix problems, and they take all of your minutes when they have said you will not get charged those minutes so they're also liars. My service runs up on the 22nd and my remaining minutes they have not stolen yet will hopefully last me until then but I will definitely not be renewing my service. I have heard many stories from people who have gotten horrible customer service from them and I just thought it was weird cause I had never had a problem with them. I will definitely never recommend this company to anyone else ever again (I have gotten at least 10 people to switch to straight talk and that makes me angry that I told them they should switch to what I now know is a horrible company!!) and I will only be telling the negatives of the straight talk wireless customer service reps and managers!! Because of this ridiculousness they are losing a few very good customers. Not that me and a few of my friends leaving them is a big deal to them, but the numbers will add up if they don't fix their horrible customer service!! I strongly urge anyone considering to go to straight talk to reconsider unless they are ok with ### customer service!!

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