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I purchased from a charity resale store what I thought was just a huge bag of gift wrap, ribbon, bows, and assorted gift bags. Upon returning home I started sorting the items and discovered the bag contained other things. There were gloves, costume jewelry, magazines and a cell phone with a charger in the bag also. I charged the phone and gave it to my child to play with. Later while on ebay I saw the same phone and discovered it was a Straight Talk phone. I removed the back from the phone and recorded the serial number. Later I looked up the number for Straight Talk and called. I informed the customer of how I obtained the phone and wanted to see if it would be possible for me to use the phone. After giving the serial number to the lady handling my call I was informed that there would be no problem activating the phone. She told me that all I had to do was purchase an activation phone card for $30.00 or $45.00 if I wanted UNLIMITED usage for thirty days and that the card would have the pin number needed to activate the phone. I decided that I would purchase the card and use the phone as a backup phone since I have a hard time finding my cell phone at times. Once I purchased the card I called Straight Talk again and gave the rep the phone's serial number. She then asked for the pin number from the activation card. I gave it to her after scratching off the gray strip covering the pin. That's when I was informed that the serial number was invalid. I was asked where the phone had been purchased and I again told how I obtained the phone. The rep informed me that she would route me to support services and they would handle the activation. Again, after giving some guy the serial number and pin number I was told that the phone had not been activated at time of purchase. He informed me I would have to return it to the place of purchase and I for the third time had to explain how I obtained the phone. Afterwards, he said there was nothing they could do even though the phone had no owner according to their records. Well, I sure as h#@& would have liked to known this BEFORE I spent $33.80 for the activation card!!! The cards are nonrefundable so now I have a phone card that is of no use to me. Will I ever use Straight Talk? NEVER!!! I have used recycled/resale phones for years and never had a problem activating any of THEM. Thus, I would advise people not to buy a ST phone anyplace but Wallyworld. If you find one-TOSS IT- it is not reusable after original owner/purchaser stops using it!!! So to all those out there thinking of buying or bidding via internet DO NOT waste your money and please warn others to heed my lesson.

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  • Fa
      Jan 14, 2011

    I purchased a huge bag containing gift bags and wrapping paper from a local charity resale shop. When I arrived home and started sorting the bags and paper I discovered other things inthe bag-a few pieces of costume jewelry, some gloves, magazines and a cell phone. I gave the phone to my child to play with and thought nothing of it. A few days ago while on the ebay site I saw that the phone was a Straight Talk phone. I removed the back from the phone and wrote down the serial number with the intention of activating the phone as a back up phone since I lose my cell phone all the time. I called Straight Talk and explained how I obtained the phone. I was told it would be no problem to activate if I purchased a phone card. Well, I purchased a card and called Straight again only to be told the serial number was invalid. I then again explained how the phone was obtained and the service rep routed me to customer support. After giving a support member all the required info I was in formed the phone had not been activated in a store. I should have been told this the first time I called and I would not have purchased a phone card. Now I am stuck with a $33.80 phone card that I have no use for. I have purchased used cell phones before and NEVER had a problem activating them. Will I ever use Straight Talk? NEVER!!! I would also caution others never to purchase a used ST phone and if you find one just toss it-the damn things are not reusable.

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  • Wb
      May 26, 2012

    Can I have the card?

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  • Pa
      Feb 03, 2013

    I also purchased a StraightTalk phone, but at Walmart. First problem was that there was no number visible on the prepaid scratch card. I stopped scratching it leaving about 25% left so a Wally could see I wasn't lying. Remember at Walmart the customer is the enemy and is always wrong. I wasted most of a morning calling ST Customer service, going on hold, being transferred, going on hold etc etc. who told it was my fault as I was not scratching correctly but to fax them copies of everything including packaging, cards receipt etc. I was told that as soon as they received the fax they would call me back. Of course, they never did!
    As a last resort I returned to Walmart and was fortunate in encountering a teenage helper who was very helpful in exchanging my bad card after he had tried scratching the remainder with no more success than I had with the main part. At least I finished up with a prepaid card with a readable number. My next bad experience with ST was when I tried to activate the phone online. I received a message that incorrect serial number had been entered even though I had double checked it with the one printed on the red phone activation card. I also verified it with the number printed underneath the battery as well as the one in the settings and they all matched.
    The only thing left was for me to phone ST which put me into an automated service which also asked for the serial no. and which again returned an invalid response message. I finally got through to a CSM who could barely be understood and who asked me to repeat this number a total of three times. She finally confirmed that the serial number was invalid and told me that it was Walmart's fault and not ST's so I would have to go back to Walmart! When I do I am going to ask for a refund on both phone and prepaid card as even if they swap the phone for one with a valid # I just don't want any more time wasting experiences with ST either now or when I have to renew. I would rather continue paying more with Verizon than put up with the kind of service which StraightTalk think their customers deserve. Bottom line is steer clear of Straight Talk!

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