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poor customer service

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We purchased a straight talk phone from wal-mart for our teenage son. The packaging leads you to believe that you get a free phone card with your purchase & when you realize that you do not & contact their customer service dept., noone speaks english. The reps are like robots & no matter what question you ask, the rep gives you the same freakin' answer. We called several times over several days before finally deciding to return the phone. Straight talk sucks!!!
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D  7th of Feb, 2010 by    0 Votes
I dont understand how people can get so worked up over such a small thing, i have been with a few other carriers and they are mostly the same, only difference is with other carriers i was paying through the teeth for poor CS. i know Straight Talk needs some work on their CS but i can say it’s different anywhere else. And with the amount of money im saving i didnt mind the small amount of extra time i had to spend talking to them.
N  10th of Feb, 2010 by    0 Votes
I've had Straight talk for a few months now and I love the coverage it provides over the Verizon network. I'm on the $30.00 month plan and haven't come close to going over it in any given month. I can text my daughters as well. I was on T-mobile but their coverage area stinks and the cost is about 15.00 more per month. I don't web surf or need any of that so I'm very satisfied with the performance of the network.

With that said, porting my number over from T-mobile was a freakin' headache. I had to conference TM support in with ST support. ST indicated it could take 7 days to port. That's total BS and the TM tech agreed. Once ST got the info from TM, porting was completed in about 5 minutes. However, the activation code was incorrect and it took several calls to ST support to find out the activation code was different. the reason it was such a headache was:

Their CS is horrendous! I cringe when I think I may have to call them for ANYTHING! I'm getting ready to get another phone for my wife and port her over from TM. I may need a few drinks before I make that call. Better yet, I think I'll call the Miami office as well! ;-)
A  21st of Feb, 2010 by    0 Votes
After experiencing an issue with porting a number, I was finally given a phone # only to have it deactivated a few hours later. Then Straight Talk reassigned me another phone # and again only to have it deactivated again after a few hours. When I contacted the Straight Talk rep, who by the way, he admitted that they had "given away" my phone # and they had a "system glitch". I gave up with Straight Talk and don't recommend this to anyone.
Also I see a debate do they speak English or not, yes, they speak English with an accent but what bothers me is that they have a lot of background noise from other reps but they seem to blame the "static" on your line.
A  25th of Feb, 2010 by    0 Votes
I've owned a straight talk phone for about 2 months now and it works out pretty good. The 2nd card I bought was a $30 card and halfway through the month the service was shut off. I didnt even know until people tried calling me and got a "CHECK THE NUMBER AND TRY AGAIN" message. I had to call customer service and get it turned back on. Customer service are helpful people but hard to understand sometimes. I've called them 3 different times and each time I've heard a different accent: Indian, Asian, and Jamaican. Like others have said, to pay half the price of what the big companies offer and have to talk to foreigner customer service reps is fine with me.
D  25th of Feb, 2010 by    0 Votes
Contrary to most of your beliefs, I've had exceptionally positive results from Straight Talk. I had a couple of questions and some minor issues that I contacted customer service over and they were extremely helpful and responsive. I sorted out the issues in a matter of minutes. Perhaps to avoid being mislead you should do a bit more reading or research on the product before you actually sign up, but Straight Talk has offered me large carrier quality service for a fraction of the price. I have the $45/mo unlimited plan and its been nothing but a joy to have. Give this one another chance; one bad experience doesn't necessarily mean a bad product.
A  26th of Feb, 2010 by    0 Votes
My grandson purchased a phone on-line from "Straight Talk". From the first the keypad did not function properly. He was unable to set up his voicemail because he could not use all of the letters on the keypad. I called the 1-8oo number that was listed for customer service and talked to a person that could not speak English and was giving me a "canned" response. I read this blog site and took the advice of someone that gave a different 1-800 number to call. I called this number and talked to a person that spoke English but very poorly. She gave me the same "canned" answer. The bottom line is that you have no recourse to take if you happen to buy a phone that is defective and the company does not care as they already have your money. His job depends on him having a working phone and with this service he will have to be without a phone for at least 7 days. I am dissatisfied with the service of this company and will report them to any one that will listen, including the BBB.
D  28th of Feb, 2010 by    0 Votes
I have had a really positive experience with Straight Talk since I purchased a phone and minutes several months ago. I did plenty of research before I decided to switch over from my previous carrier and I have found everything to the contary of what I read. I have a few minor customer service issues that were easily and quickly handled by Straight Talk customer service reps who did, remarkably, speak English. The whole activation process took less than 20 minutes and loading more minutes each month couldn't be any easier. All of the negative, "non-English speaking" rep comments really surprise me since anyone with a cell phone currently shouldn't be surprised. Most of the major carriers have out-sourced their support to cheaper, overseas markets so its not only Straight Talk who are guilty of this - even so, it doesn't effect their service or quality. I had several HORRIBLE experiences with my previous carrier, AT&T, that were also at the hands of overseas reps who couldn't answer a question without a script, but it didn't turn me off all cell phones. The savings and service Straight Talk, despite the negative, make it worth having.
N  2nd of Mar, 2010 by    0 Votes
I have had nothing but problems with my straight talk phone half the time when i refill my texting doesn't work anymore and i have to have them reset my phone like 10 times each time have to call back and sit on hold for a half hour burning up someone elses minutes. Also when i go to refill it never can be done from the web page or by credit card it says my phone numberr does not exist well obviously it does and and i'm not refilling it passed its due date either i have over 20 complaints in there office over the way the treat me because i have been hung up on numerous times because they tell me my phone is working fine when its not
N  5th of Mar, 2010 by    0 Votes
My husband and I just purchased Straight Talk phones/service cards last Friday. We had been using T-Mobile's prepaid service before this and had no complaints with them at all. We never even had to call customer service with them in more than 2 years. We just saw that this service was an outstanding deal and decided to switch. I have to say it's been a frustrating week with Straight Talk.

I activated my husband's phone online the night we purchased it. He tried for the entire weekend to get it to program without any luck. It did say that a port could take up to 7-days so we weren't too concerned about it. On Monday I called to check the status of the port for him just to see if they could let me know when it might be done. I had the same issue as others with the very thick accents the customer service reps spoke with, it was very hard to understand them at times, and the background noise was extremely annoying. The service rep said to just keep trying to program the phone and it should eventually work. Very helpful, thanks.

So I went ahead and tried to activate my phone online that day. Everything went fine as far as I could tell. Tried all day to program my phone, no luck but again, it does say it could take up to 7-days so no that big of a deal.

So Tuesday comes and I get a phone call from Straight Talk and they tell me that they are having issues porting my phone number. So I ask them if I can just go ahead and get a new number. They said that would be fine and that it should take about 4 hours and they would call me back with my new number. Cool. While I was on the phone I asked about my husband's phone again. Since he was also with T-Mobile I thought maybe they were just having a similar issue with porting his number so I asked if he could just get a new number as well and they said sure, he would have one by the end of the day as well.

I wait all day Tuesday for them to call me back with my new number, they never called. So Wednesday morning I called once again and asked why I wasn't called back with my new number. They had no answers, just apologies. They told me to keep trying to program my phone and I should have my number shortly. Okay, fine. So I ask about my husband's phone again because he hadn't gotten his new number either. Now I start getting a run around about his phone isn't even activated, there is a problem with his account and all kinds of nonsense. Just keep trying to program the phone, it will work.

I was able to get my phone programmed and get my phone number within a couple of hours of this call. My phone is set up and working great. I have no complaints about the actual phone or the actual service as far as making calls, texting or email is concerned, it's been great so far. Husband kept trying all day Wednesday and all day Thursday, still nothing for him.

So this morning (Friday) he calls them himself since he didn't have to go to work until a little later this morning. He was on the phone for over an hour talking to several different people, including a supervisor. Once he got on the phone with the supervisor they put him on hold and then disconnected the call! So he called back and he's really getting frustrated at this point. Was on the phone for another 30 minutes and he finally was like I have to go to work, I'm going to give the call over to my wife, she can answer any questions, etc. So I took the phone and I was on hold for another 45 minutes waiting for another supervisor to try and resolve this issue. In the end the issue is still not resolved. They don't know what the problem is so they are sending it to the "higher authority" and we should hear back from them on Monday.

I'm very displeased with the runaround we've received. Like I said, no complaints about the phones or the actual phone service but their customer service is very poor. The "higher authority" is the 1-800-876-5753 number that someone listed earlier. I sure hope they can get this fixed because we want this to work out. It's just very irritating.
N  5th of Mar, 2010 by    0 Votes
I thought since walmart 'exclusively' sold this product, it was endorsed by walmarts reputation. And the fact that verizon allowed them to use their towers - awesome! Was I wrong! Verizon is great but expensive I thought this product is great price two power houses behind it this is great! I was so very wrong I waited on hold for ONE HOUR AND 44 minutes why do you ask because I was proving a point I had to call the customer service phone number three different times and I couldn't understand ONE word they said -I don't remember what foreign county I called but I was outraged not only did this companies customer service not meet customer service standards, the company also outsourced American jobs, is ruining the reputations of walmart and verizon reputations, and they don't even care and nothing is being done about it. I supposedly talked to a supervisor and she said, and I quote (and yes the corporate office wasn't located in USA either "someone from corporate headquarters will call me back in 24-48 hours" that was over one week ago! My phone was one month old and broke it took two weeks for me to get a replacement, by the way that was "overnight shipping" and you would think they should have sent me a free 45.00 phone card for the major inconvenience I had to endure with a one month old phone. Anyway I at least should have gotten the two weeks credit (because the two + hours I was on the phone with 'tech support' and I was placed on hold OVER 50 TIMES! When I called supposed 'corporate office' they said 'we don't give credits!' wow is this the way outsourced companies are able to treat us so at this point how many companies will we begin to boycott? Something must be done at this point someone must listen and the outsourcing of jobs is not the standard of customer service that we are accustomed too! The whole situation makes me very sick and hopefully I have helped someone! This phone was a Christmas gift to me and it had been nothing short of a disappointment! The few times the Internet is available - it is very limited Internet! I could go and on hopefully my situation will be resolved! I will let you know! If you are thinking about purchasing this phone as a gift-Call the customer service line and see how long it takes you to get through! It took me one whole day! I guess other countries don't have phone ques! And they don't care about the reputation of the companies they represent-very very sad. I will let you know if I hear from anyone honestly I know I have to call them again because my next letter will be to better business bureau and then Maybe Congress? We need to become united instead of divided and we need to regain our reputation!
A  6th of Mar, 2010 by    0 Votes
I have had the same happen to our family. Do we call the BBB. Something needs to be done!!! Customer reps RUDE!!! They need to be trained.. Someone please help, cant even get through to them now have been trying for two days. Whats up with this? Any one have answers?
A  6th of Mar, 2010 by    0 Votes
My mom bought me a straight talk phone for my birthday. It was working fine for a couple of weeks then it was turned off. I called their customer service and they told me the phone serial number was recently used at Walmart for a refund. That never happened. We took the phone back to Walmart and Walmart was saying the phone was never activated. We had the receipt to show it was activated and that she did buy the phone. Wal-mart talked with straight talk and faxed them the receipt to try to prove to them the phone was not stolen. We were told the phone would be turned back on within 24 hours. Never happened. After 9 days of trying to get them to turn the phone back on we decided to take the phone back to Walmart and just get our money back. Walmart now refuses to even give our money back. Straight talk apparently told walmart the phone was stolen so the lady at walmart said sorry can't touch it... Even though we had the reciet to show we bought it. She wouldn't even listen to us. Now we are out of $100.00. After what happened to me I would not recommend straight talk to anyone. I am so angry about this situation. I am going to bbb and going to do whatever I can to get my money back. The whole situation is ridiculous.
N  6th of Mar, 2010 by    0 Votes
I've read all the previous posts and haven't read any that have had the problem I have with Straight Talk. I never had any problems getting the phone set up or activated. It worked without a hitch and I've been able to use the phone services without any problems.

BUT, when I called my cell phone from my home phone, it was a long distance number. Even though it had the same area code as our town, it's also the area code for all the surrounding area towns.

So, I called the customer service number listed on Straight Talk's website figuring it wouldn't be an issue getting a new phone number that wouldn't be long distance. Much to my frustration, they didn't understand the concept of phone numbers with the same area code being a long distance number. They kept repeating to me that the online Straight Talk program did the correct thing as I had stated my area code was the same as the one I received. I tried to explain to the rep. the concept of long distance numbers but he didn't get it. I asked to speak with his supervisor figuring maybe he'd had a little more training and would understand the problem. The rep said he was going to put me on hold so he could get his supervisor (after telling me several times that the supervisor was too busy to talk with me). When the phone was picked up again, it was the same voice saying he was the supervisor. When I said he sure sounded like the last guy, he denied it and assured me he was the supervisor (I still don't believe it wasn't the same person). Anyway, he repeated VERBATIM what the other guy had said that their program had done the correct thing giving me that phone number. He said if I wanted to get another phone number, I would have to buy another phone card and activate it. I guess that's what I'll have to do since I was so frustrated after talking to them that I couldn't handle calling them again in the hope of finding someone who would understand.

I wonder how many times I'll have to try that to get a number that's local.

Anyone else had this problem? If so, how in the world did you fix it?
A  8th of Mar, 2010 by    0 Votes
I have a girlfriend who lives on the of the islands near the San Juan Islands in northwestern Washington, and she has been having serious issues with her service and her phone through Straight Talk as well.

Firstly, the customer service representatives can barely speak English and their speech is so scripted and automated, like a robot, they are really hard to understand. It took me over an hour to sit and talk to a representative and troubleshoot a problem when all i wanted to do was make a payment to reactivate her phone when her plan went out for the month.

I would have done it online, but when she called them the first time to activate her service, another barely-speaking-english representative took down her username and password information wrong so she can't even log into it online now. When I called to pay for it, i tried to change it, and it got put into the system wrong AGAIN because obviously they can't even understand basic english letters...

When I finally got her phone online and working, I decided to just not bother with it. Well, I paid her plan on the 27th of February, and as of this morning her service went completely out. No calling in or out, texting, internet usage, but the phone still powers on and everything. Completely lost service. She still has over two and a half weeks on her plan and the service is completely shot. I live over 200+ miles away because I am in college, so of course, this is a really big problem.

She called their customer service (where she had to wait a half hour just to talk to somebody) only to get another barely-english-speaking automated robot to talk to her, and when they tried to re-activate her phone, it didn't work. So now she's forced to call back and try the process all over again.

The problem with this, is that in terms of dealing with customer service when there's a problem, there's nobody you can go to talk to like with the bigger companies. You can only use their customer service number, and if this is the only phone you have, then you're pretty much screwed. You can't just take the phone back to Wal-Mart and ask to talk to a rep, or ask for a new phone... You have to talk to a rep who is overseas. I really gotta try this Miami number.

Just think about the small perks you get when you pay for a company like T-mobile to look after you - at least they have representative stores that you can take your phone to if you don't feel like dealing with their phone customer service, and hey, at least they are fast AND speak english. I have been a T-Mobile customer for over 8 years and I have NEVER had a problem dealing with their customer service. Eight years, not one problem.

In terms of overall network service with the phone, my girlfriend lives on an island that even T-Mobile customers that I know get better service then she does... All over the island. Every time she goes indoors, especially in her own house (the biggest issue), her service is terrible and our calls drop frequently (anywhere from once to twenty times in a hour). Its very frustrating.

If she could afford a more expensive plan and get rid of Straight Talk, she would in a heart beat. And we're working towards getting there as soon as possible. So for those of you who haven't had the pleasure of dealing with Straight Talk before - I do NOT recommend you waste your time and money with them.
N  17th of Mar, 2010 by    0 Votes
yea this phone company is trash, they dont even have 24 hour customer supprt or customer service, i bought a phone last night and the card and i cant use it till 9 am, the only phone company i have heard of that doesnt have 24 hour customer service
N  17th of Mar, 2010 by    0 Votes
holey crap the touch phone costs $330 and doesnt even have any apps ...ummm, , , thats terrible, and this is the only phone company that doesnt have 24 hour customer service..think im going back to boost mobile..figured id save myself 5 dollars a month but nevermind..i will pay the extra 5 dollars and get 24 hour customer service, and i will also get a walkie talkie...( its called using your brain kids, u all should try it sometime)
N  19th of Mar, 2010 by    0 Votes
I'm a customer care rep from Barranquilla/Colombia specialized with Straight talk. I also know about tracfone, net10 and safelink. Para que me crean vean que les estoy escribiendo con un español real. If you have any quiestions, go ahead I like americans :D.
D  26th of Mar, 2010 by    0 Votes
Mu husband and I purchased two different straight talk phones last night at Walmart.When I came home I got online to activate the phones and was worried I would end up calling CS.Their web site had trouble with my address as we do not have street names in small town usa yet but after a few different ways of typing the address in the activation was complete and I activated the other phone on the same account.All the features on the phone work, signal is great. I know a few people had to call CS because their picture messaging didn't work but so far so good on ours.I am more than pleased with the 45 bucks a month.My cell phone bill with Verizon was well over 200 bucks a month.
D  28th of Mar, 2010 by    0 Votes
Ok ive had my straight talk phone since they came out last year i have had no problems I do get the CS complaints I only had to call once couldnt understand them but they fixed my problem I love my phone i was paying 100 dollars a month for my alltel phone this is cheaper and better I will be staying with them for a while
N  30th of Mar, 2010 by    0 Votes
My 2 daughters and my two sons transfer there boost phones with in minutes I am still waiting it was Friday 26 of March, here it is Tuesday and they took my number off boost phone and now I'm out of service.

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