storagebattles.comOwner refused to sell the space and didn't return my money

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I placed bids on the website Once I won the place, but after couple of hours I got the email from the owner. He told that he changed his mind to sell the storage space. I told that it was ok, but I wanted my money back. He promised to return it within couple of days. After that I haven’t heard or received anything from this ###. The customer services team was also useless. Not recommended website and better don’t bid there.


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      Dec 09, 2014

    Dear Potential Customer:

    Please consider this my rebuttal to the single negative report brought against my company by a supposed disgruntled customer. To set the record straight, is an on-line auction site which connects bidders to independent self-storage facilities which are placing defaulted storage units up for auction., much like a live auctioneer, simply runs the bidding process, and has no control over the goods being auctioned. Storage unit auctions are governed by individual state laws and the actual posting and delivery of the units is governed by the individual self-storage facilities.

    This supposed disgruntled customer's story contradicts the policies and procedures of our company.
    1.The Complainant claims that he received an email from the seller. However, sellers are not given the email address of the person who wins, so receiving an email would have been impossible.
    2. The Complainant stated that he requested his money back from the seller. StorageBattles sellers do not collect any money until they meet in person at the storage facility to pay for the unit, so paying for the unit would have been impossible.
    3. The Complainant never called customer service, as we track every call and have a 99% satisfaction rate with our clients.

    I am sorry to say, that without any additional credible information, no other research can be done. If the supposed Complainant would like to call me directly to discuss this, they can email or call us. has successfully hosted over 60, 000 on-line auctions to the complete satisfaction of over 99% of its customers.


    James Grant, CEO and the StorageBattles Team

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