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StorageBattles Complaints & Reviews / My auction was cancelled

Mar 10, 2017

Do not waste your time and money here, this auction is a pure scam! I was super excited when I found and made my first bid. It was a nice place with many offers and interesting bids and I actually won something. That was the first time when I won something. I could...

StorageBattles / Garbage

Sep 23, 2016

Once I bought from this StorageBattles and I do regret I did that. I bought from a private seller and what I received was a pure garbage and looked nothing like I expected. I tried to resolve the matter with the seller, but he reused to refund my money and said that I received what I paid... / They cancelled the auction, which I have won

Jun 21, 2015

I won the auction on the website I have no idea why, but they informed me about the winning and charged my card, but after that they cancelled everything. But they haven’t returned my money back. I tried to contact the owner and asked to explain me what ha... / The place was empty and I got completely nothing

Jan 09, 2015

I placed bids on the website Once I won, the rep called me and told where the storage place was situated. I arrived and opened the small room, but it was empty. Someone took everything from this place. I tried to argue with the rep, but he told me that he had no... / Owner refused to sell the space and didn't return my money

Sep 29, 2014

I placed bids on the website Once I won the place, but after couple of hours I got the email from the owner. He told that he changed his mind to sell the storage space. I told that it was ok, but I wanted my money back. He promised to return it within couple of...