Steve MaddenDey boots tan leather by steve madden

January 2017
I Purchased the Steve Madden Dey Boots from for my husband a few weeks ago. He wears 12.5 to 13 medium in all of his other boots. He loved the boots when he opened the box but as soon as he looked more closely he said, "these look like they are very narrow" and thought they sent him the wrong size. When he tried them on...well there was just no way he could get his foot in. We had ordered the largest size he ever wears which is a 13 medium and that is what the box said as well as the boots. We held them up to the 12.5 medium shoes he had on and they were even wider than the Steve Madden boots we received. They were, actually, the same width as my son's 10.5 medium shoes. A 13 medium should definitely be wider than a 10.5 medium. Anyway, Steve sent us a label to return so we did but when we called to see why we hadn't received a credit yet they said it would be the next day.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Stratford, CT Just to be sure, we asked them to double check that the refund is for the full amount we paid since the sizing is off on the Dey boots and they said NO there is a restocking fee of almost $7.00. After informing them that there should not be a restocking fee when there is any kind of issue with the product they still didn't care. We already had to deal with the disappointment of receiving boots that don't fit because of being mis-sized or being poorly manufactured but also had our money tied up then having to repackage the boots and run them to a mailing place for UPS because Madden refused to have UPS pick them up at our home like most companies do. We've never had a company charge us a re-stocking fee for causing US so much trouble. Especially not for returning an online order that has any kind of issue like these boots had. We've had items delivered and just didn't like the item and still weren't charged a single fee upon returning. Any time someone orders online they are at a disadvantage because they can't see, touch or try on the item and most companies understand that BUT NOT STEVE MADDEN! We will never buy another thing made by Steve Madden again because there are so many other "MORE REPUTABLE" companies out there... it's just a matter of principle!

Jan 24, 2017

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