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Kildeer, IL, United States
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I have worked for Steinmart for 20 years. I feel like I have been singled out by my district manager Brenda Luther. I was off work on FMLA from October to January. In December 2016 my younger brother passed away. During this time Ms Luther was aware I was under Doctors care for extreme depression. I was trying to work my scheduled shifts however she was not accepting of the situation. She had loss prevention track when I was there. She accused me of not being at work when I was. She threatened my job at several times. There are managers in her district who do not work 40 hours a week but they are exempt because she has her favorite managers. Managers who leave to pick up there children and never come back managers who leave for several hours on company time to have their hair and nails done. There were days that I was so depressed about my brother that I could not get out of bed. She did not care. She has not provided me with my termination paperwork. She also provided me with alternative medication other than what my doctor prescribed. She also told me confidential information about Gary Pierce John Hegadus and many others at corporate level. She sent me emails that I have threatening my job. I do not know why she made me a target if I was investigated why were the other managers? She is aware of what is going on but overlooks it. Why me? I was a loyal employee for 20 years. Is it because she found out I am gay and have a partner? I am not sure why she decided to target me but if she is asking assert protection to track me why is she not asking all of her managers to be tracked as well?

May 3, 2017

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