Steers / steers montana crossing - no service to white customers - disgusting

PRETORIA, South Africa

Good day, I would just like to inform you on how disgusted and disappointed I am in the service at Steers at Montana Crossing. We were trying to order last night and after about 15min of waiting (while being in front of the line) the lady and gentleman helped to other customers and ignoring us bluntly. We are NOT racist at ALL but it is because of things like this that makes our country miserable and I will make sure to report this to your head office, I have video footage of this bad service, the lady couldn't even look at us and the gentleman was smiling at us. My husband told them in their language it is disgusting. its employees like them that will make you lose a lot of business. We will never support Steers ever again and I will make sure this gets spread out, your employees are bluntly racist and we did NOT deserve to be treated like this. I am very unhappy. One thing I know for sure is God doesn't sleep.

Oct 19, 2017

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