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Please refer toi invoice chk 9836, order number 36
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Complaint: gross disrespect towards customer. I order two original burgers with one chips upsized to large and one kiddies meal. The service was of such poor quality that made me wonder on what principle and criteria does steers hire staff. The salesperson does not listen to what the customer orders and give what you did not order, when the supervisor is called she only tells you, "but it is only a r4 difference' voids the order and when they packed my food in the bag, it is being thrown into bag. I lost my appetite, but still took the food as my family requested me for the"real good food" from steers. When I opened the bag at home, I had to rearange the burgers and chips. Is this really how one should enjoy a good burger?

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  • Ve
      Aug 25, 2010
    Steers - charged incorrect amount and not refunded
    United States

    On the 14th of august 2017 I made a purchase from Steers Brackenfell, the amount is was supposed to be charged was 51.90 which I paid using a credit card but when I checked my statment i saw that not only had the amount of 51.90 been deducted but a further amount of 99.95 I only signed the slip for the correct amount and no slip was presented to me for the 99.95. I reported this to the manger at the store and she requested that I send an email of my bank statment to them showing this double charge which i did I have followed up twice on this and to date have not been remibursed. This is fraud and is not acceptable, I would like head office to comment on this.

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  • Go
      Jul 24, 2011


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  • Re
      Jul 05, 2012
    Steers - not correct meat received
    Steers Diner Mvoti, n2 North
    South Africa

    My husband and I were both hungry after a long day at the doctors and were both looking forward for a nice big boy rump steak (Which cost r94.90 for one). When we received them: it looked like small non-chewable minute - what ever - you could not even call them minute steaks. They were definately not what was said on the menu: "tender rump steak". After complaining to the waiters, the lady that was in charge for the day did not even come to listen what the complaint was about. They still let us pay the full amount of r94.90 x 2. It was horrible meat - the blockman from the butchery where they get their meat from should be fired!! The meat was so "non-chewable" - maybe it was an ox or some animal that was hit on the n2?? Surely there must be a policy of non-payment for service like this?
    Renate filter (083 636 0972) or email [protected] Za

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  • Me
      Nov 20, 2012
    Steers - unavalible food
    South Africa

    I buy steers basically every second day for lunch... Firstly I havent been able to order their chicken snack pack as they tell me they dont have chicken for over 7 months. Secondly the person taking the order over the phone either cant understand english or cant hear me so it takes me 10 minutes to order. Thirdly when my order gets delivered 45 mins after I ve placed it its always missing something or they dont give me change. Basically steers service is shocking.

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  • Tr
      Dec 19, 2012
    Steers - terrible service & no management.. I honestly feel sorry for the man who invested hes money in this table view beachfront branch
    South Africa

    just very very bad service, workers dont have a clue what is going on in the front and i can see there is no management on the floor or kitchen to see what is going on with production..everyone behind the counter looks so lost.orders pileing up and no one knows how to disspatch them in tme..making customers very pissed off and impatient because even we can see what the problem is

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