Steak 'n Shake Enterpriseslocation mt. zion, ky

My family just visited the Steak n Shake located at Mount Zion Kentucky. After we were seated, it took about 10 minutes before a server even approached our table. We were a table of 5 (with two hungry kids) - and after getting our drinks, we continued to wait for 45 minutes before our food was served. The bacon on my burger was almost black and the server forgot our condiment. We politely asked for honey mustard - and after 10 minutes, had already finished the meal. While we ate, no one ever acknowledged our table. They didn't ask if the food was ok. Or if we needed a refill. Each server (there were at least 4 of them), walked by our table time and time again - and not one of them smiled or even made eye contact. My husband saw that the cash register had cleared out, so he made a bee-line to the front so he could pay quickly and we could leave. He waited about 8 minutes before anyone approached him. We stopped at Steak n Shake because they typically serve food quickly- but this experience was terrible! I could look around the establishment and see that other tables were equally as frustrated as we were. An elderly couple waited at least 10 minutes before anyone even approached their table. Needless to say, we watched people come in the door, wait to be seated, and then leave because they waited so long. We arrived at 6pm and didn't leave until 7:25, which is far too long for a fast food establishment. I work in the service industry and I know how important customer feedback can be. I'm not sure if this location was short staffed or if this was just an "off day" - but it appeared as though the servers were inexperienced and had no sense of urgency. Dirty tables sat dirty while they stopped to take a drink or take a phone call. While this could all just be my personal observation - it was overall a bad experience that I felt needed to be shared.

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    And on a side note - the entire restaurant was FILTHY. The floors were extremely dirty and my feet were sticking to it as I walked. The women’s restroom only had one working stall. The other was clogged and again, was extremely dirty.

Jul 28, 2018

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