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State of Florida Child Support Enforcement


Child Support

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Parent: Cheryl Sheffield
355 West Pearl Street
Bartow, Florida
United States
CSE has been on my case since March...and nothing but delinquency letters have been sent since that date...now over $19, 000 in arrears??!! At one point the case was closed, because one of the notices was "stuck in print"...never went out and if I hadn't called, would still be sitting there with my case stopped. One call I was told they filed a motion for contempt, then the next call, they said that was not true, and not only was the third delinquency notice not sent, the second one wasn't sent. I was told after the third delinquency, they would suspend DL...nope...sent another letter, telling him he had to come in for an interview by a certain date (SURPRISE...the guy who was months late on support, was ignoring the delinquency notices...didn't come in for the interview!!!) When I confronted CSE about the changing status on my reports, turns out that someone elses notes were in my file??!!! They were reading THEIR status! I spoke with a suprvsr and asked, when I call in the future, how to be sure I'm being given correct info and how this happened and the response was that the case workers are underpaid??!! Ridiculous...in the meantime, I gave ALL info to CSE...told them about his licenses and business license...not only were they not suspended, the ex got a tobacco license while owing more than $10, 000 in support (by the way, their SS# is reported for this license specifically to track title IVD (support delinquencies), yet meant nothing...got his license and continues to not pay. I had his drivers license suspended months ago...continues to drive...the enforcement is plain ridiculous
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A  18th of Aug, 2009 by    +3 Votes
Florida CSE is a Joke and so is Sarasota County Clerk of Courts. My fiance has been going through the same dead end with the Courts and incompentent people that work for CSE. Basically this is a form of job security for the people that run CSE. Unfortentaly there's no one to monitor these IDIOTS!!!
My fiance has been dealing with her EX for FIVE YEARS now. He owes somewhere in the range of $50, 000 to $55, 000, Luckly she recieved two check so far this year one which was a Perg payment of $2, 000 because he was going to go to jail if he didn't pay...Then she's recieved a check for $200. Mind you this ### is suppose to pay $1, 150.00 a month. CSE has ask for a Finical Avidaved gave him a date to have it to CSE before court<<
A  15th of Oct, 2009 by    +1 Votes
The NJ CSE are useless also... I feel like they are working for the jerks that don't support their children- the ones who work without even paying taxes. So who's paying CSE's wages! The system is so flawed that obligor can take you to court every2-3 weeks saying that he lost his job-no change any of the times, he just works under the table and nothing happens! They won't issue a Warrant in NJ, while waiting on a pending a Hearing, reguardless if you've already been to court 9 times in the past 8months for the same exact Motion. CSE actually encourages these guys to file!!! So even if they are put on a 2week missed payment stipulation it takes approximately 16weeks for enforement to be processed then the Sheriff plays "let's make a deal" and accept 1% of the amount owed at best! Then your dead-beat dad's off the hook again, no loss of licenses, no jail, NOTHING!!! They love doing a big round up 2 times a year though...usually July&December and there's always a big article in the newspaper...Congrats! NJCSE collected $10, 000 in this month in unpaid support arrears in our County!! Too bad there's $850, 000. in unpaid balances because you only do your job twice a year!! WHAT CAN BE DONE!?
A  29th of Oct, 2009 by    +2 Votes
The State of Florida Child Support System is statistically by far the most disgusting example for the rights of children and custodial parents. The System starts off with High priced Attorneys, uncaring, corrupt and overworked Judges who pass their responsibilities to General Masters or as they call them hearing officers with no authority to enforce anything without a Judges review and approval. If the Judges had time to rule on a case, trial or hearing they wouldn't need Hearing Officers. Hearing officers hear case after case all day long regarding non-payment of child support whereas the custodial parent is represented by 2 overworked attorneys for thousands of cases in Broward County, yes 2!!! while the non-custodial parent is represented by his high priced attorney that he gladly shelled out thousands of dollars to have representation by his Attorney rather than to pay the thousands of dollars that is owed to the children not the custodial parent. He is owed to have and pay for that representation, the NCP 's Attorney is the only one allowed to raise objections and speak all while the Department of Revenue is allowed to say bascically nothing. Any efficient deadbeat knows how to work the system, hire a private Attorney and raise a bogus objection and know that as soon as any discrepencie is raised the motion will be resetfor later, let just say for 30 days but with the backup in Broward County it's more like 6 -8 months which during that time the children will receive no money, he will not be forced into making a purge payment and the 9 other times he was ordered to pay child support, supply child care, medical and dental and any other sanctions previously imposed don't count until the Department refiles the motion until the 4 dollar discrepenci is resolved. While this is going on the children go without neccessitites, without lunch money, school supplies, clothing, housing or gas for transportation they need. You as the CP are forced to get Medicaid for health care, sub-par Dental care and if your lucky food stamps so they can eat. I personally started out in 2000 by filing for divorce, which was final in 2001. We had a thriving business making in excess of 100, 000 a year, we owned two leased two luxury vehicles every two years, we had 5 children that were in every extra curricular activity. We had our eldest daughter in a private catholic school that we paid 800.00 per month for, to say the least we were very comfortable. We deceided to both hire private counsel but for the betterment of the children we each agreed to a marital settlement agreement. I graduated high school, but had no higher education. We deceided that we wanted to have a large family and agreed from day one that i would stay home with the children and not work which was evident that we did have 5 children and during the marriage i never did work. We were partners in our landscaping business, my parent's owned the home we lived in butof course we paid all the hosehold expenses for. my ex-husband paid all the bills, the extra curricular activities, private school, luxuries and necessities throughout our 13 years of marriage. We did have a life insurance policy for 500, 000 dollars, along with business insurances, saving accounts and checking accounts. We did not have any pre-paid college funds, 401k's, CD's or retirement plans. We settled on1, 700.00 per minth in child support even though in the marital settlement agreement he stated he only made 2, 150.00 per month. We agreed that he would continue to pay for our Daughter's Private school, Medical and Dental Insurance and continue the life insurance policy in the amount of 500, 000 dollars. We agreed to shared parental custody with primary residence with me. I retained possession of the house being that it was in parent's name prior to our marriage. I did not request Alimony nor did i request for him to pay any credit card bills that had aquired prior to our marriage. I agreed to take care of child care expenses and split any unpaid bills that were incured during our marriage. Both being represented by Private counsel, the marital settlement agreement was approved by the judge and the divorce was final. It is now 2009 and as of right now we have been back in forth to court originally represented by the DOR or by Private Counsel at least 9 times and in excess of 40, 000 dollars in legal fees on my part alone and over 50, 000 in legal fees that he is responsible that belongs to him solely in addition to what was awarded to me for him failing to honor any agreement in that was in the marital settlement agreement. He has had at least 4 different Private attorneys in order to stall hearings so we had to start over. In 2007 he was in arrears of 47, 5000 dollars and up until that date not one sanction had been placed on him even though i had 9 separate orders demanding purge orders, legal fees to be paid medical & dental fees to be repaid and enforcement of the original marital settlement agreement. He never even as much as had his DL suspended and my children had nothing. I lived with my parents, he filed bankruptcy so all the bills he was suppose pay as part of the agreement were dumped on me, i was arrested at my home in front of my children for lack of appearing in court for unpaid monies to Ford Motor Credit even though he stole the insurance money out my mailbox that was to be used to fix my leased vehicle after he wrecked it. I had no medical and Dental insurance for them, the life insurance was canceled because he was to pay it monthly but it continued to come out of my account after the divorce. I had no car, no house, no bank account and no credit. I lost everything. He moved out of the area, got remarried 3 months after the divorce and had several thriving businesses and accounts that were hidden in his current wife's name that was admitted in open court. In 2007 he hired a high priced attorney that he paidd a 40, 000 dollar retainer to. After several months the Attorney realized he lied in open court and dropped him as a client. I had the wonderful DOR working for me and my children. He proceeded to hire another attorney who requested we enter into a mediation agreement in order to dissolve the original marital settlement agreement and work out a new agreement in which i would finally see some money that my children desperatly needed. I borrowed money for private counsel to work out the terms of the mediation agreement in the presence of my Attorney, his Attorney and the mediator he agreed to pay me 20, 000 dollars upfront in exchange for a reduction in the arrearages that total 47, 500, he also also wanted a reduction in his weekly child support amount of 300 per week instead of 400.00 per week and he wanted the state to continue to pay for medicaid versus him paying private medical and dental and like the previous 6 years he did not want any parental responsibility. He hadn't seen them in 6 years, bought them a birthday card, a pair a shoes, a phone call nothing and he wanted that to continue. We signed the agreement, he paid the purge order and some regular child support payments for a few months and then once again it started all over, nothing again. By 2008 i went to the department of revenue once again with all my orders and afterlike 7 months they got him back in court with his new attorney and because of a bookkeeping error and the fact that his new attirney was openly having an affair with the DOR revenue attorney they gave me exactly 3 minutes in front of that hearing officer when i was told we would have to reset the hearing until the bookkeping errorr was resolved. I then borrowed enough money to once again hire a private attorney that got me a hearing in front of a new hearing officer that didn't find him in contempt because the economy was bad and when he received noticed i filed for contempt again he paid 4 payments, so she felt he made an attempt even though the arrears were once again 13, 000 dollars. She did enforce the current order and added another 100.00 per month to cover the 13, 0000 arrearages that were gonna take 10 years to pay back, so another words the hell with my kids who have now 30, 000 less than what he owed. He walked out of the court room and to date should have paid me close to 12, 000 dollars since April of 2009 but has only given me around 4, 000 dollars. My parent's who have taken care of me and my 5 children are losing there house to foreclosure, they are 70 years old, they removed the equity from the house to ake care of the children and he still doesn't have to pay. I contacted the State's Attorney, i contacted the Governer, i contacted the federal office of child support and state representatives all to be told we have a department that handles that, the DOR. no one will get involved, no one will help. The state of florida would much rather keep the kids in the system and have tax payers pay for Deadbeats than enforce Florida Statutes that have laws that are completely being ignored. I'm willing to name names. I have order after order. I don't have a file at the court house i have boxes. It's disgusting. This state is known for the state that known deadbeats come to live because we refuse to enforce orders. This can be ended, children have no rights why should deadbeat parents. If a judge would put them in jail when they accrue arrearages immediatly we would clear up the judges calendars, we would get children the support they rightfully deserve and we save taxpayers money they work hard to take care of their families. We can stop this but we have to put Judges names out there, we have to start websites and name names. These people that make laws, and enforce laws and want to hold positions of power need to earn them. Our kids have rights, instead of writing on these forums lets start a forum of elected judges that won't do their jobs. I know there are mispelled words, and so much more i know and i can say but i need everybody's help that has been a victim of the Broward County Court System, The Department of Revenue, the corrupt lazy Judges and Hearing officers and Lawmakers who just don't care. CONTACT ME!!! my e-mail address is bry825@aol.com. Don't give up on your kids and don't allow the State to either. They owe us now let's go get!!!
A  21st of Jan, 2010 by    +3 Votes
I have went to find out why the State of Florida has not sent the payment which was received from the non-custodial parent to me the custodial parent for my child// the 1-800 # for so called customer service is a joke and when you call the clerk of court they just tell you that eventually someone will answer your call they also tell you to go to the office nearest you which is not even in your county//I just want a simple answer why am I getting the run around//Seems as though someone is not wanting to do there job//thanks for nothing so far State of Florida

Santa Rosa County Resident
D  13th of Feb, 2010 by    +3 Votes
The child support system is so unfair for us men, the ex wives use the system to exact revenge, they want to call the shots and make us pay them whatever they ask, all in the name of the children. I have always paid on time but now that my kid turned 18 and support is about to end, my ex claims I am behind and owe her $12, 000. I guess the woman in the post above "bry825@aol.com" would call me a "deadbeat" for not paying the woman on demand like she demands her ex to pay for private school! In my case, DOR (dept of revenue) never asked for my side of the story, never asked for the CANCELLED CHECKS that I can provide, never followed procedure, nothing. They simply took my ex's word and are now threatening me. I had to hire an attorney with money I really don't have, to get a hearing about this. Meanwhile, DOR is garnishing my wages, putting a lien on my house and putting a note in my credit report. What next? I know my ex is not spending the money on my kid but that is ok with all you women, right?

To the guys I say, don't have kids, get fixed!
N  11th of Apr, 2017 by    0 Votes
@erm035 To the guys I say, don't have kids, get fixed!
You need to get your life together lady.
You chose who to have kids from.
You chose to keep the kids and not drop them off to their Father.
You chose to ask for money from the DAD.
You could have been on some grown ### woman ### from the start.
Lady nothing is stopping you from having a spouse you love help provide for the family minus the EX-Deadbeat Father!
Lady nothing is stopping you from giving him the kids and telling him to deal with it like you have been doing.
Stop crying over money another person said you will get.
Hell if i told you i going to give you $30, 000 an year. Then i never do it would you cry over it or move forward and keep doing you?
Lady stop the dumb ### and ACT like a LADY!!!
N  2nd of Mar, 2010 by    0 Votes
I have four children the first childs father didn't pay child support till she was 13 she's 18 now and he has only ever paid 80.00 a month I have requested several times for them to please appeal for more and the worker tells me they can't find him... Um then how is he paying every month? My 12 year olds father gets weekend custody but, didn't start paying till she was 11 and he pays 160 a month and no back child support was ordered. I now have twins with the father who abandoned us... to move back with his mother in Massachusetts. I talked him into coming back and trying to work it out... meanwhile I brought him in for DNA testing knowing he might try and leave again, needless to say he did, but, they refused to do it and said we had to do it in Mass. Now he's hiding at his mom's house they say they have sent the DNA test there but there's nothing else they can do!!! I don't believe it I wrote a letter to Mass child support department and they started to work with me ...They actually answer their phones, But when I talked to my Florida Rep. he practically threatened me telling me I was not to call them that I had to go through him!!! Well, this is rediculous I am very ill with Chrons right now and haven't been able to hold a job due to the illness and it is impossible to live on 240.00 a month we recieve food stamps but nothing else...I have begged a pleaded for help they don't give a crap about these children and I am living in poverty... This is rediculous I am trying to raise 4 girls with little to no help I am educated and have been the soul provider for my children. Please any suggestions I cannot raise twins with no father and no support, I have to find some help. Any solutions please email me shannonlynnnolan@yahoo.com
N  5th of Jul, 2010 by    -1 Votes
We have been dealing with the Florida Department of Revenue and the Palm Beach County Unified Family Court for about 5 months now on an issue that I can hardly believe.

My fiance has been paying his child support directly from his paycheck for the past 16 years. the entire amount of child support along with $5.25 for their " court fees". Well someone neglected to deduct the $5.25 out of the money that was sent to the FLDOR and sent the entire amount to the Ex-wife. Now Palm Beach County says that he ows them over $800.00 in back fees. We have contacted Palm Beach County (Unified Family Court) and spoke to someone, Got supporting documents from his employer to show that the fees WERE mailed to the state, Mailed them to the county to clear this record. Still we have not had any resolution.

Does anyone know who in the h*ll was responsible for taking the $5.25 "fee" out to the money sent to Tallahassee?

If you have an answer for me, feel free to email me at Tiffanyha5717@aol.com.
A  5th of Jul, 2010 by    0 Votes
The Florida Department of Revenue/Child Support Enforcemet is a joke. http://underwaterpen.blogspot.com/2010/06/florida-child-support-facts.html
N  29th of Jul, 2010 by    0 Votes
i agree with all of the prior posts in that the fl dept of chiid support
is inept at its charter !!
this dept is so behind it will never catch up & it has no need to as its only purpose is to de-fraud the feds of fed funds & grant $$
look at its web site & its charter
its all there everyone who has posted here
is listed on their balance sheet someway or other
its all a con job by the state
wake up people
i was labeled a deadbeat by this dept [cant call them human] for 5 yes 5 years after my child support obligations were met garnish wages suspend D L intercept income tax etc etc
all this after my obligations had been met & exceeded
anyone interisted in a class action lawsuit against the child support dept contact me @dmd0213@msn.com
A  31st of Jul, 2010 by    0 Votes
STATE RETAINS MY MONEY!!! Well I'm here to tell you that Florida constantly holds my funds without reason. I'm suppose to receive payment weekly for my three children, there father has a great job and the company he works for automaticly take the money out of his check perfectly without ever having problems. However the state of florida got involved 2 years ago, now the state takes the money and puts it in this Epic Card but they do it when they feel like it. There have been times when I have gone a MONTH without any money.I spend countless hours on the phone trying to find out why they do this, I know its 100% the state because the company he works for sends them the money like clock work. I have no time for my kids between work and school and on the phone with these people, I think my next step is to file a law suit against the state maybe they will listen to me then.
A  7th of Sep, 2010 by    +1 Votes
In the state of Florida, my experience with child support agency it's been horrible... Nobody cares or even listens, after waiting 17 to 30 minutes on the phone, they just say they can't do anything and ask you to call customer service, knowing that customer service it's not the one in charge to modify or correct there DUMN mistakes... After 1 year of waiting I finally got my first month of childsupport, but not the right amount... When I called the depart or revenue/ childsupport services in Lakeland to fix the amount, the lady had the nerve to ask me if I was going to complaint for 40.00 a month... HELL YEAHHHH I'm going to complain, cause after 1 year of waiting the least I could expect from them was to enter the right amount. Does this [censor]ed case worker understands that this is not a favor???... She gets paid to do the necessary adjustments in order for me to get what it's owe to me...and YEAH... I SAID TO ME... cause all this time that the deadbit father haven't paid, my daughter had continue to eat, and have a roof over her head... regardless of the fact that the childsupport agency haven't done their job right...
It's up to all of us, to stop this non-sense and complaint complaint complaint untill someone desides to get up their [censor] and do something about it... We pay this people's paycheck with our taxes, so they need to get it straight and start listening...
A  10th of Sep, 2010 by    +1 Votes
the DOR in Florida sucks . today -9/10/2010 i called them to find out an update on my case after waiting 25 minutes THEN was diconnected, called back waited on hold again for 35 minutes only to reach someone who does not give a crap .THEN i was hung up on by her . It's obvious she has no children nor compassion.So i called Govenor Charlie Crist's office and let them know exactly how i felt about there DOR and what they should do with the people that work there. Shock to me when i receive a call from a worker at the DOR today explaining to me the update on my case and what is happening with it .So for all you parents out there who can't get any answers do what i did and call the govenors office .I am a mom who lives in pennsylvania and has to fight the state of Florida through my state for my child's money and if calling the govenor's office everyday is what it's going to take then so be it .go online to govenor crist, cotact, look for phone # and call. Tell him what you think .Tell anyone there who answers the phone what is happening. MAKE THEM GET OFF THERE [censor].
N  14th of Sep, 2010 by    0 Votes
My husband pays his ex 200 a week (automatically taken from check) (includes CS and arrears) we just want to find out how and where do we modify arrears so so much isnt taken out of check each week. The arrears were set high by my husbands choice so they would be paid off when the child turns 18. But times are hard. We cant afford 200 a week. The ex is eating filet mignon and we are eating hamburger helper. NOT FAIR!!! We have the child 3 to 4 days a week. My in laws pay/do every thing for this child. clothes, shoes, haircuts, baseball, football, cell.

We also have a child together. Doesnt that count towards anything. Florida Child Support/Court System SUCKS!!

Im suppose to get 700 for my two children with ex, but all I get is his bi-weekly check of maybe 100.00. Dont want the man to go to jail, because then I wont even get that. He catches up when tax season comes, because we have an aggreement he claims one child.

If anyone knows how to or where or who to call to modify arrears for lower weekly payment. Please write tteesteve@aol.com.
A  14th of Sep, 2010 by    0 Votes
The CSE here in Florida is terrible. I am not sure how it compares to other states, Florida just now sent my case to another state since my x is living out of state, and so far I am not impressed with this states handling of my case either. I have been a CSE client here in Florida for over 9 years, they have taken my x husband to court ONCE in that whole time, despite the fact that he has been in arrears the entire nine years. They never once issue a Writ, never once took any money from his checking accounts, all which in their power to do. All they ever did was suspend his FL drivers license which he has not used since the year 1998, gee thanks alot guys, that ought to really compel the guy to pay!
I have waited as long as an hour and 10 mins to talk to a representative, only to be told that they cannot answer my question, they have to send it to the local Child Support office, it can take up to 30 days for an answer! I have become so frustrated with the process that I don't even expect the CSE to file a Contempt Motion anymore, I have filed 3 on my own and made out just fine. The only time CSE has called me was to tell me they would not represent me on my Motion, of course not, why would they represent me, I am only their client, they are suppose to help me collect the child support, it would make sense they would NOT help me! Good grief, who is suppose to be the watch dog for this agency? I attempted to call the Regional guys, located in Georgia, that was weeks ago, they were suppose to look into my case and call me back, nothing. Mainly because I wanted to know what the status was, I called the state where my husband resides and they tell me they have nothing on me, him or my case, yet they sent me a welcome letter including a case number, I ask FL whats going and they dont seem to know either, so to make things worse I am playing tag between the two states!
The only time I ever received support was if and when my x came up on a new hire hit on their computers and they generated a Income Deduction Order and sent it out. I was even told recently that they would not take my x husands address and or information from me because they had to verify via the post office, SO do it! DO YOUR JOB> also they told me I could not have a copy of the Income Deduction Order when I requested it. That is in MY file, according to FL statutes I have a right to that Order. They told me because it has his personal info on it, nothing that I don't already know! I was provided a copy of the first income deduction Order, but for some reason the newest one is sacred?
I am sick and tired of being put on the back burner, stone walled, not cared about, and basically everything takes at least 30 days and thats fast! I was even told last year I had to pull my kids off Medicaid. Now mind you they have full insurance on their step fathers insurance policy, Medicaid is a secondary to help with the co pays. The NCP has never carried them on insurance, never been at a job long enough to get benefits, always quits. Well, CSE tells me that the dad needs to provide the secondary insurance, great, terrific, you find him, tell him, and then enforce, meanwhile... they are back on Medicaid. Why? Because they qualified!!!
There is no excuse in a system like this, none whatsoever, all they are doing is letting the NCP have a free ride at the expense of Florida's children.
D  14th of Sep, 2010 by    -1 Votes
TO: TEESTEVE You did not mention when his Order was done, how it was done, was it ordered by the judge, was it agreed upon by all parties? and how much arrears? I doubt theres much you can do about it now, look up on the webiste for your county. How the heck do you know what the x is eating for dinner, LOL. I hardly think a person raising a kid is eating Filet Migon, how silly.
And if she is, GOOD for her.
You guys chose to have more kids, despite the fact that he already had to support one child, NO the courts will not enertain lowering support because you had another child. How would you like it if YOUR x had another child or maybe two more, and then went to court and had YOUR support lowered to zero because he had more kids, doesn't seem quit fair does it?
A  11th of Oct, 2010 by    +1 Votes
I worked briefly at the WPB CSE after many years in mid-management in the private sector. What a nightmare experience! In my opinion, a poorly managed; extremely hostile workplace. If you want ANY kind of action on your case, I strongly suggest you CALL the governor's office with your situation. I had a lot of respect for the hourly employees - their hearts are in the right place and they want nothing more than to collect child support payments. Their workload is impossible, and in my personal experience, emotionally draining.

I believe that NCP's should have to provide the magistrate with credit card #'s with available balances, vehicles (boats, # of cars, jewelry, etc.), anything of monetary value that can be transfered to the NCP for sale. It sickened me to watch hearings be repeatedly rescheduled; with the custodial parent carrying all of the burden. I also believe that the attorney's for CSE should be held accountable based on their success rates in collecting support. If CSE hires worthless attorney's who don't give a frig if your kids eat, they should not get paid. I've sat through many hearings and left disgusted by the lack of enthusiam by legal representation.
A  18th of Oct, 2010 by    +2 Votes
Ive been dealing with Florida's CSE for over 10 years. Not only do they never answer thier phone lines, whenever call volumes are high, we get hung up on.

I've sent letters, emails, and made various useless phone calls to "managers" and whatnot.

I even applied for cash assistance in hopes that that would trigger child support collection, which I was told that since I have a child support ORDER, I didnt qualify for cash assistance.

The state of Florida is run by a bunch of inbred monkeys, and I'm sick of it.
A  19th of Nov, 2010 by     Best Advice +4 Votes
Florida CSE, DOR, DCF and the court system is a complete joke! I have been on both sides of the child support game so I know the drill. DOR's attorney is corrupt as as a D.C. lobbyist. My ex-wife and I ended up with a child support order before we got married cause a DCF worker misrepresented AFDC to her. She stood in the courtroom with DOR's attorney and told him "I don't want child support, we're engaged." He told her not to worry about it, we're just determining paternity. By the time they finished that conversation I had a support order of $171 a month plus arrears. We paid ourselves for 6 years cause it was actually easier than trying to stop the support! Then when we divorced, the divorce agreement stopped the child support cause we equal time share custody, but guess what? Two years after DOR closed their case the circuit court picked it up saying i was several thousand dollars behind. The ex wife said she would handle it, and she did. With proof from DOR that the case was closed. A year later, the same thing again. When I went to the clerk's office to inquire, all they could say is that since it was a court order, it has to be modified through the court. It took 3 trips to the courthouse, a trip to the records dept, and numeous phone calls before I found someone competent enough to actually read the divorce agreement and understant the words "this case supercedes child support case #########." I am now remarried to a woman that pays child support. She lost her job and couldn't find another one for 5 months. During that time DOR/CSE, suspended her license without notice and took a chunk of our tax return. Fine. No problem. But, then DOR's attorney (the same one in my ex wife's case) filed a contempt charge against my current wife. OK. She has proof that she is back to work and paying, she has proof of the tax return payment, she has evidence that she was looking for a job and a bank statement showing how much money she has. She goes to court and in under 3 minutes the judge refused her evidence and told her she had to pay the full amount of arrears today or go to jail. She ended up being arrested in court cause she didn't have the full amount and testified to that under oath. A completelty ILLEGAL arrest. Also anytime we apply for food stamps I have to go through this "up front co-operative" interview with these CSE assclowns that says I have to have a child support order with my ex, and everytime we apply I give them a copy of the divorce and tell them there IS no child support and there WILL BE no child support. It's been the same for 7 and a half years why would it change now? There is NO COMMON SENSE in the state of Florida. Anyone who posts something here I urge to get in touch with your state representative to change the laws like I have.
A  9th of Dec, 2010 by    0 Votes
My ex has not paid child support in 6 years and my daughter is 7. He has made all of 4 payments and the courts and DOR does nothing to change that. I am so tried of them telling me there is nothing they can do about it. They expect me to take my child and put her up on a shelf and not feed her, clothe her, or anything. Since he wont go get a job. He lives with his parents that wont make him get a job. I really don't care for the way FL lets these fathers get away with this.
N  18th of Dec, 2010 by    +1 Votes
I have 3 children owed support, 3 marriages, 3 losers!, In total 3 NCP's owe $85, 000.00, Do you think anything is being done? Nope! My youngest is 17, her daddy is behind $65000.00. Has paid a few dollars here and there and only to get a suspended drivers license back. He has moved back and forth between Ohio and Florida so I understand that makes things more difficult, however how does a man walk around oweing this amount and have no true consequences? Last payment he made was in July 2010 and only because he had a drivers license suspended. Even the amount he had to pay to get it back was a big joke! ($600.00, on $65, 000.00 owed, what a friggin joke)! I called about that case just the other day and was told there was a case back log in my county and to give more time. No further action had been taken, no deliquency notices, nothing after 6 months of nothing! In her 17 years of life, my daughter has received maybe a total of $3000.00 in support payments. Gee that might equal .14 cents a day the peice of crap has paid! He's never gone to jail, never had any consequence or inconvenience except the drivers license issue and that was only once and only after 16.5 years of non payment! So thats my story on loser #3! Now loser # 2 owes only $5000.00 and its only arrearages at this point however I am not getting that because the stupid state of Florida has a big discrepency! Years ago they allowed a $5000.00 credit in his arrears balance because he was awarded a social security disability claim and received a big chunk of money in back payments from social security, do you think they had his debt registered so that I would receive what he owed? Heck no! But the worst part is the descrepency comes from the fact that my children received social security directly because the claim was filed when they were minors but not approved until they were over the age of 18. So a lump sum social security payment went directly to the children and they wrote it off originally as child suppot paid! I disputed it by saying that money never came to me! The finally agreed with me and were supposed to update their records! Guess what? They didn't, now 7 years later they said he is done paying and I have to fight this all over again! But it gets even better! Many years ago there was an issued with the same ex and his arrearages, but for a different reason, due to the incompetence of these florida attorneys working for the child support agency and representing me, I took a lose of about $40, 000.00 in arrearages! Just wiped out, gone, never to return! The reason? Because they had, in error, written in $0.00 as the arrears figure in my court order! It was actually about $40, 000.00! I tried to fight it and even was given a hearing, to no avail! The attorney's for the FL CSE made a big mistake and I had to take the loss! How do you fight something like that when you can't even get your normal monthly payments? How do you afford a private attorney when you are one step away from a welfare line? So that's my story on #2. And last but not least #1 is paying and doing what he's supposed to finally, but I had to fight and fight and fight to get that agency to enforce his order also!
I've been hung up on, waited 30-45 minutes to get disconnected, gotten attitude each and every time, gotten no info, been told to wait, told a case was closed, , told to refile papers to reopen, blah, blah, blah! Yes it is the worst agency, you can't get info, can't get through, can't get help! I decided a few years into it (my oldest is now 30 and I have been a Florida resident for 29 years) that I can't depend on daddy and I certainly can't depend on the CSE to help me, so I never ever put myself in a position to depend on or need it to survive! But my children did deserve to have it easier than what I could provide! All children deserve the love and support of both parents, but this agency is useless in my book, because I don't just have one case to compare to, I have 3! I agree that I have always gotten results when I contact my state representative!

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