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State Farm Insurance / Road Rage accident and they will not pay up!

1 Westminster,coWestminster, CO, United States Review updated:

On December 15th 2009, my husband was driving home from his brothers in our 02 Honda Accord LX Coupe. There was a trailblazer in front of him and a taurus to the right of the trailblazer. The ford taurus wanted over in front of the trailblazer but the trailblazer kept going at regular speed and didnt let him over so the taurus cut off the trailblazer barely leaving any room. Then the trailblazer bright lighted the guy, so the taurus slammed on his breaks once no one hit they started going again a ways down the road he slammed on his breaks again and the trailblazer hit him, then my husband hit the trailblazer. The Taurus got wreckless driving tickets, both my husband and the middle guy (trailblazer) got following to closely tickets. State Farm says my husband is 100% liable for this accident! But yet once our insurance "American Family" denied that we were liable they have not pushed for them to pay for their insured taurus and trailblazer. Dont make much since, we have a 1 year old son and no car! This is not legitamate at all! How is my husband liable when they have statements from the drivers and the witnesses in the police report that states he slammed on his breaks to cause the accident. I recently went onto and posted a complaint as well and there are so many complaints just like mine! How are they getting away with this, it cant be legal. You pay for insurance every month so that when this happens its covered. It clearly states in the police report that the taurus cut off the trailblazer then slammed on his breaks to a complete stop. You can not stop in a road of traffic going 45 for no reason! I guess state farm rewards their wrecklelss drivers! The other two drivers can still drive their cars and ours wont even start its so smashed in. This is just ridiculouse! I will never get state farm insurance!

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  • Wp
      29th of Oct, 2010
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    I am sorry, but from what you wrote, your husband is at least partly at fault for the accident. Regardless of the reason a driver stops, the vehicle behind him must stop as well. Your husband was obviously at least partly at fault because the police officer issued him a citation for following too closely.

    You should always have comprehensive and collision coverage with your own insurance company if you are worried about fixing or replacing your vehicle.

    You have the right to take the other driver to small claims court if you feel that you are still in the right.

  • In
      2nd of Feb, 2011
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    Exactly..doesn't matter why the cars in front stop..if you can't Stop in time you are going to be partly liable. It is called comparative negligence. sounds like a swoop and squat mva to me.

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