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My complaint never seems to get resolved. For the past month and a half, I have frequent disruption in my broadband connection. My previous complaint was resolved, but only for a couple of weeks. The problem has surfaced again. Your customer care seems to have a fixation around making customers troubleshoot without understanding that the same problem has surfaced and when previously customer troubleshooting has not resolved the issue, it will not work this time.
To top off the customers already high frustration levels, call backs are always promised but never honoured. I was told yesterday at about 1.15 PM that I should expect a call back in an hour. It is now 10.00 AM of the next day, and there is no sign of any call back.
I am really repenting the fact that I went in for a re-contract late last year. I should have switched to M1 or Singtel. I am now stuck with this wretched starhub broadband connection for almost 1.5 years more. When a customer upgrades his plan he expects services to be better, but in my case the services have gone from bad to worse. I am seriously contemplating approaching CASE with my issue. I have already initiated my initial research on the method of carrying out the complaint. I will be calling them up tomorrow to take my complaint further.

Feb 14, 2015
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      Apr 05, 2015

    I experienced the same thing regarding the home broadband internet speed. Called starhub and the solution they gave does not help at all. They said they will get back to us but in the end we customers were the one to calling them. In the end we went to D-Link HQ to get the set replaced. (D-link is starhub's outsource).

    After getting the set replaced after 3 days which in now, the problem happens again.

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