StarHubtv fiber connection

On your prompting i scheduled appointment to upgrade my TV connection to fiber through new box. Appointment was first schduled for Tuesday 11 Dec. Your tecnician came: "sorry sir you need a data point by your TV and to install a cable from internet box to TV datapoint" Appointments were taken by him on the phone with Starhub for the following day Tuesday 12 Dec: 9 to 11am for installing the cable, and 11 to 1 for the box and the google wifi.
On 12 Dec at 9: 30 am i called 1633 to confirm appointments.. Was told that the 9 to 11 is on the way but no trace for the 11 to 1. Ask them to double check. Was promised an immediate phone call back:nobody called back, but i received a call from contractor for the 9 to 11 am appointment. After 2 or 3 phone calls exchanges, it appeared that your contractor was not at my place and pretended that Starhub had given him a wrong address.
I called again 1633 and [protected] starhub hot line to complain and request clarification. On both calls i was promised that my case would be escalated and that some one would call me right back. It is now past noon: nobody ever called back.
Starhub people: what kind of services this is? You wasted my complete morning. I want explanation, official apologies and compensation for your mess. Please let me know how you intend to fix up this big mess!

Dec 11, 2018

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