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Starbucks / what happened to customer service!

1 Tampa, FL, United States Review updated:

All I want to know is what happened to customer service! Especially when you pay $3.00 or more for a single cup of coffee.

Well the Pike Place Roast had just come out, and us ladies at the office wanted to try it. So I volunteered to go to our local Starbucks and pick up 3 coffees.

I walk in, and the whole place is an explosion of advertisements for the new roast. Signs are everywhere: "Try our new Pike Place Roast!" "Proudly serving Pike Place Roast!" (etc...) Well, I went up to the counter and said I wanted 3 Grande Pike Place Roasts. The woman looked at me, and with an irritated sigh said, "Well I'll have to brew it!"

Hang on. You guys are advertising it like crazy. It just came out two days ago. There are FOUR coffee carafes behind the counter. Not only do you not have any, but you're irritated with me for asking for it?! Strike #1.

So she dumped out one of the coffee carafes and started a new batch of Pike Place Roast. Let me say that what bothered me wasn't that they didn't have any brewed - it was the attitude I got when I asked for a product they're supposed to be offering like crazy TO SAVE THEIR SINKING IMAGE.

Well anyhow, it's always been common practice at Starbucks to offer a free coffee if the customer has to wait for a fresh brewed cup. Either they changed that, or the woman didn't want to be bothered, because I was never offered one. Strike #2.

To compound the issue, I asked her to please put the cream and sugar in the coffees. Two reasons why: #1 It's a service they offer, and somehow always manage to do it perfectly. #2 I was on a quick run to get 3 coffees for 3 different people. I didn't have the time to fix everyone's with cream and sugar, especially when Starbucks has always done it for me. But when I asked her, she pointed over my shoulder to the prep bar, rolled her eyes, and said, "We have all that stuff over there." Strike #3.

After a 12 minute wait for the 3 coffees, I asked if I could please have a short cup to put cream in, so I could at least take it back and have everyone fix their own coffees. She looked at me as if I lacked the intelligence to add 2 and 2 before handing me over a short cup. Strike #4.

You know, for $6.00 for 3 regular, no-fluff coffees, bought from a store who's trying to save their shinking ship, you'd think customer service would be their prime goal. Forget it - we'll go elsewhere.

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  • Ro
      26th of Feb, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Well sounds like to me you're being over-dramatic.

    Since I've been working there, we've never given people free coffee for having to wait for a fresh pot. They may have had enough for a couple coffees, but for your order they may have not had enough. I'd love to see you try and manage 4 coffee urns, prepare and serve 50+ espresso and cold drinks, clean, take out pastries, etc in a half hour.

    And just because you can't seem to keep track of time and didn't have the time to put cream and sugar in the coffees, doesn't mean we have to do it for you.

    You, like so many arrogant customers act like they are the only customer we have during the day and their wants are paramount to anything else going on in the store. It's just coffee. Get over yourself.

  • Vi
      26th of Feb, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Sounds to me like you like to whine. You can't put cream and sugar in yourself? Really? Wow. I'm sure your co-workers didn't say, "Oh no!! The cream and sugar isn't in the coffee already!!"

    And I've never heard of free coffee, so I don't see that as a strike.

  • Da
      19th of Apr, 2009
    0 Votes

    I work for Starbucks.

    We Do not have to put anything in your coffee. Thats why theres the condiment stand.

  • Vi
      10th of Aug, 2009
    0 Votes

    I work for starbucks also. We dont put YOUR milk and sugar in YOUR coffee. WTF.

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