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I visited starbucks on 56th and summitview in yakima, wa today. I got in line behind two older ladies. It took at least 5 min for them to finish after taste testing and telling the barista stories. When I finally got served I jokingly said to barista, that was quick. I meant the the two ladies, not the employee. While waiting for my drink the person making it asked employee at register if my drink b
Needed whip cream which I had said no to when I ordered it. The person making it seemed passed off at me for saying anything. Or maybe my comment to person who took ny order. I'm not sure. So literally 1 minute later the person making my drink started putting whip cream on my drink so I said no whip cream. This person then got hostile towards me and said: yeah I know I was just going to take it off. How was I to know that? Up to this point I was not rude to them. But then person making my drink took a spoon and removed whip cream from my drink along with some of the ice and coffee. This was good so I wouldn't have any whip cream in it agent their mistake. But he or she was still mad and never replaced the ice or coffee they took out. The coffee was over 5 bucks. I took the coffee from the still hostile barista who made it and said: thanks #. Then went outside. 5 min later he or she came out with I guess a manager of maybe he or she was the manager, and said because of what I said I was no longer welcome at their store. Which I had come to for at least 10 years. Plus they said it in front of my friend. I know what I said was wrong and rude. But honestly up to that point I had not said anything rude or negative to them. The manager becket asked for my side of the incident or anything and I do believe the barista was incredibly rude and hostile. If anyone connected to starbucks reads this then please contact me because I feel I was egged on for the purpose of provoking me so they could ban me from their store. It happened between 2:15-3pm on wednesday march 30th. I have gone their as I said for a long time and always appreciated them and tipped them well because I respect their hard work, even though I did not think their service was always that great. I was out of line in my comment but cannot fathom the way they treated me and cheated me out of the the full drink I ordered. I am sure others have experience bad service there too.

Mar 30, 2016
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  • Ma
      Apr 04, 2016

    I totally agree. I also recently went to a starbucks store #9966 located in w. University dr denton tx. I have a gold card for four years and today I was told that I could not refill iced tea for free. I had to pay 2.98$ as the original order was not iced tea! It said nothing on the website like that. So what is the point of reaching a gold level then? This is totally a fraudulent advertisement for its reward programs! If starbucks practice a fraudulent business sooner or later they would get sue. I would stop using my gold card after this year and will not support such a business. It is worthless to pay for a pricey drink for such a poor service and fake advertisement. It is not the only coffee company on the market!

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