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Each morning I order the same thing. An everything bagel w/cream cheese and a tall carmel macchiato with whip cream. The guy who makes the bagel each morning is awesome and is always pleasant to everyone who walks in. He even knows my name and asks me if i’m ordering a bagel so he can have it ready for me by the time I pay… now that great customer service!!! Every day it’s usually a different person at the register and I get an attitude almost every day because the person either doesn’t understand how to spell it so they get upset with me and gives up. I finally had a gentleman last week say “ma’am i’m having trouble with your name can you spell that for me” I smiled so big and told him how grateful I am to finally get a proper response on how to spell my name (which is jadira). We had a nice laugh! Now, each morning I get upstairs to my office and realize that they never put the whip cream. Therefore, this morning I decided to take off the cap and check and sure enough there was no whip cream. I ask the young lady behind the counter if she could put it because it did not have and I also told her that I struggle with this every morning… the look of disgust and rudeness she gave me in front of a store full of people was very embarrassing… she snatched the cup from my hand which almost spilled hot coffee on me and put the whip cream on with an attitude saying “well it wasn’t on the cup so that ain’t my fault” – I kindly asked her for her name which she didn’t say but clearly showed me her name badge which read “mariah” and I walked away. Super disappointed in my experience today and will no longer be visiting the starbucks in my office lobby.

Dec 06, 2016
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  •   Dec 06, 2016

    They are busy as heck at that location. Cut them some slack.

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  • Cu
      Dec 08, 2016

    everyone at that starbucks will be in tears I am sure. Awesome service and a couple mistakes and you bolt, you are the dream customer.

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