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F Review updated:

Barista cofee grinder is under recall because of safety concerns of it coming on when you are emptying, filling, or cleaning. The recall requires you to mail your coffee grinder to the company, and wait for 8 WEEKS, for a replacement. Thanks Starbucks, that's exactly why i payed $30 for your cofee grinder, so I could not have one for 8 weeks. Would it be that difficult to allow consumers to exchange them at the local Starbucks where you bought it? Also all replacements are the black grinder, apperantly Starbucks doesn't care if their customers bought a different color, one color fits all now. Thanks guys.


  •   Jul 15, 2009

    damn dude, its just a coffee grinder. Buy already coffee in the meantime. Also, why the fuss about the color?

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